Furious Tory MP attacks Coronavirus Act

Tory MP, Sir Charles Walker MP was rightfully furious about the time allowed to debate the Coronavirus Act:

“90 minutes to debate the renewal of the relationship between the state and citizens is not good enough. If this the portent of the promises to come, it’s not good enough. I need at some stage more than 3 minutes to discuss the fundamental hardships that are going on in my constituency – the jobs that are being lost, the opportunities that are being lost, young people struggling to find work, to get back to university, to come back from university… 90 minutes is an utter disgrace. It is disrespectful to this House and it is disrespectful of colleagues. And I’m sorry… no actually I’m not sorry because a lot of people in this place are angry.” – Sir Charles Walker MP, who sits on the 1922 Committee Executive.

It was also completely disrespectful of the constituents, many of whom wrote to MPs asking them to vote against renewal of the draconian, unconstitutional Coronavirus Act 2020.

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