New Year in Syria – US Coalition of terror murders Syrian Arab Army soldiers

On New Year’s Eve 2020/21, Syrian Arab Army soldiers were travelling home for the celebrations. They were leaving Deir Ezzor in the north east and heading towards Homs, central Syria. Their convoy of pullman buses was targeted by so-called ISIS terrorists and 31 soldiers were killed, countless more injured. Sources informed me that these terrorist or mercenaries came from the illegal US military base of Al Tanf, close to the border with Jordan.  

The “refugee” camp at Rukban to the south of Al Tanf is also a recruitment and training center for these armed groups. Both camps have a 25km radius protection zone that permits  these terrorists to thrive and avoid confrontation with the Syrian Arab Army Russian forces. 

Families waiting for their loved ones to celebrate were told they would never come home again.  The child, Alaa, in the video is crying that his brother, Ibrahim, had promised to come home. 

On New Year’s eve an attack was carried out on a military vehicle in Daraa, by US/UK-sponsored armed groups. “The village of Ain Hayat mourns its hero martyr Colonel Sharaf” (photo below). “Five Syrian soldiers, including Lieutenant,  were martyred today in an ambush by armed terrorists on their military car the road that links Sahem al-Jolan and Tsil in the western countryside of Daraa, south Syria.” (Syria Insider)

On New Year’s Eve US Coalition-backed terrorist groups fired rockets on Barakeh and Qalet Merza towns in the northwestern countryside of Hama, killing one civilian & causing material damage.

Some of the martyrs from the Deir Ezzor pullman attack.

On New Year’s Eve US occupation soldiers shot & killed a 12-year old boy, in southern countryside of Hasaka, north-east Syria, according to local sources.    Mhidi Husdien Al-Falah was playing with other children in  vicinity of “Al-Tawassoeyeh” district in al-Shdadi city when US forces murdered him.

On New Year’s Eve – According to local sources, the US-backed SDF militia’s members set up checkpoints and raided the houses of residents in the eastern side of Raqqa city and Ayn Issa city and near Tal Al-Samen town in the northern countryside of Raqq.

“The militia kidnapped 55 civilians including 2 women and took them to an unknown place;” the sources said.

In the last week, Israel has bombed Damascus twice, also killing Syrian Arab Army soldiers. 

I wrote this on New Year’s Eve: 

2020 is almost over. I wish we could all breathe a sigh of relief but, sadly, I think it was just the trailer for 2021. The martyrdom of Syrian Arab Army soldiers and civilians in Deir Ezzor and Daraa, the murder of a 12 year old boy by US occupation forces in NE Syria overshadow any celebrations for me. Terrorists have targeted villages in northern Hama. Israel has attacked twice in the last week also murdering Syrian Arab Army soldiers.

I can only try to keep breathing in and out while the sadness piles up. My thoughts are with the families and loved ones who are grieving tonight as Syria has grieved for ten years.

I wish you all the power to keep fighting in 2021.

Video footage of the martyrs bodies arriving in Homs for their burial with honours:

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