Covid-19 Vaccines: The elephant in the room

“THE  ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.  My New Year’s Eve offering for all those of you  who are feeling that every last drop of joy is being wrung out of your  life by this lying, manipulative Government.” ~ Rachel Elnaugh 

Azra Dale writes:

Please watch Rachel’s video wherein she illustrates how to find pertinent data in the morass of the ONS website.

“Although the latest swab test results show that the number of tests per week has increased, the number of positive test results have dropped from 1.71% to 1.18%. So there is nothing in the ONS statistics to suggest that there is some massive spike, some massive growth, some new strain which is virulent and sweeping across the country. There is nothing in these statistics to suggest that this is the case. That seems to be peculiar doesn’t it because we were told in the news bulletins and its been shown on the television that hospitals are overwhelmed with people in ambulances and hospitals cannot cope, and there are people in car parks waiting in ambulances to be seen. So it’s like hmm that’s strange, that doesn’t really stack-up does it? What is going on?”

‘The other interesting thing that happened was a change in policy as per the statement published 30 December 2020 from the “UK Chief Medical Officers on the prioritisation of first doses of COVID-19 vaccines”. 

Statement from the UK Chief Medical Officers on the prioritisation of first doses of COVID-19 vaccines

One thought on “Covid-19 Vaccines: The elephant in the room

  1. By this account, the Pfizer first shot 💉 into 616,933 people; of which %2.36, or14,558 suffer disabilities rendering them in need of medical care – will be a crime against humanity once proven in the courts of law. But not prosecutable until indemnities and social engineers are removed from power positions.
    According to W.Webb/J.Loffredo,, the link between Adrian HILL, the UK Eugenics GALTON institute and oxford AstraZeneca 💉 suggest little hope to be found there. This is a comprehensive ‘take no prisoner’ war against the people.


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