Vanessa Beeley on Damascus, Assad’s popularity and horses

Jerm Warfare:  

Vanessa Beeley’s previous conversation with me lays the groundwork for the following one and is recommended listening.

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She is a British journalist who has been living in Damascus (Syria) for a few years and is exposing the truth about what’s going on there.

Damascus, Syria.

Western media feeds us propaganda, as Piers Robinson explained.

The establishment cares more about its anti-Assad narrative than reality. Much like the establishment cares more about its anti-Putin narrative than reality.

My earlier cartoon work contains anti-Assad and anti-Putin messaging. My views have since changed and I very much doubt that I’d draw such cartoons today.

Does it mean that I have posters of Bashar al-Assad hanging above my bed?


It means that the truth about the war in Syria is not what CNN broadcasts.

It means that Assad is not an evil dictator who kills Syrians with chemicals.

It means that the terrorist groups and other rebels are funded by Western interests.

Meanwhile, Vanessa is also a horse person. Take a listen to podcast here.

Watch the video version here:

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