Syrian Air Defence intercept Israeli missiles over Damascus and Homs last night

Syrian Ministry of Defense || Military source: Around 23:03 this evening, the Israeli enemy carried out air aggression with missiles from the southeast of Beirut, targeting some points in the vicinity of Damascus and the vicinity of Homs.

As usual, the Israeli warplanes took advantage of the civil aviation movement to carry out their treacherous strike, and while there are reports about a Lebanese civil plane that barely escaped the missiles, other reports said that a Middle East Airlines flight was warned to hold over the Mediterranean due to the hostile air raids on Syria.

Damascus, Homs and Qalamoun were targeted. Some missiles hit target but the majority were intercepted. The ground was shaking in much of Damascus.

Acting Director General of Civil Aviation Fadi Al-Hassan: The control towers in Syria and Cyprus asked the two planes to change their course due to the Israeli attack. They then returned back to course and landed normally at Beirut Airport.

Israel used two civilian airliners carrying hundreds of passengers as human shields to camouflage their warplanes during the attack and delay the response of the Syrian Air Defence. Any mistake or miscalculated actions by Syria, could have led to a massacre. The Syrian Air Defence did a superb job avoiding civilian human shields and intercepting the Israeli missiles fired from warplanes violating Lebanese airspace.

Regional analysts believe that this Zionist aggression was in response to Sayed Nasrallah’s speech during which he threatened retaliation if Israel or the US attacked Iranian oil tankers bringing much needed supplies to Lebanon.

UPDATE from Ibrahim Mohammad on 21/8/2021

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that the Russian-made Buk-M2A and Pantsir-S systems for the Syrian Air Forces destroyed 22 out of 24 missiles fired by Israeli warplanes on Syria on the evening of August 19.Deputy Director of the Hmeimim Reconciliation Center in Syria, Major General Vadim Colette, said in a statement issued on Friday evening, that at approximately 23:00 on August 19, 6 Israeli tactical fighters launched a strike with 24 guided missiles from Lebanese airspace towards targets in the countrysides of #Damascus and #Homs in #Syria.

“The Russian-made Buk-M2A and Pantsir-S systems belonging to the air defense forces of the Syrian Arab Republic destroyed 22 missiles,” Collette said.The director of the Hmeimim Center stressed that the Israeli attack did not result in casualties among the Syrian military or the destruction of infrastructure facilities.

However, despite the fact that the Israeli aggression did not achieve its objective of hitting any military point, it actually resulted in the murdering of 4 innocent civilians in Qara area, one of which was a child.


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