Freedom of Speech is a One Way Street in France

Etrosi, Mayor of Nice, cancels Dieudonne’s performance in Nice and takes legal action against the comedian!

The Mayor of Nice has taken out an order forbidding Dieudonne’s performance scheduled for the 25th June in Nikaia. His reason – the comdian’s polemic Facebook status after the recent terrorist attacks.

“It is out of question that M BLA M BLA who has long since ceased to be funny, is allowed to perform in our town. I will ensure all measures are taken to prevent his appearance”

The Mayor went on to say that he will personally be taking Dieudonne to court for his apologist stance on “terrorism”.

Sunday evening, Dieudonne posted a Facebook status (since removed) stating –

official message dieudo

“After this historic march, what can I say – “Legendary” Instant magic equivalent to the Big Bang that created our universe! Or to be more down to earth, equivalent to the coronation of Vercingetorix (cartoon character). At last back home, I can say that ” Je suis Charlie Coulibaly”.

For the Mayor of Nice this statement must be condemned in the strongest possible way.

Dieudonne is currently touring France with his new show that had to be rewritten after the original was banned by the State Council for alleged “anti semitism”

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