Dieudonne responds to Manuel Valls.

Dieudonne responds to Manuel Valls calls for his detention and suppression as “an apologist for terrorism and anti semitism” In fact Valls even went so far as to use the word Blasphemy to describe Dieudonne’s shows.

“Hey Gringo! You will never win against freedom of speech, because there is a huge difference between Truth and Lies. You are a slave of your lies. We could take this discussion in front of the Judge but our Repbulic’s courts of Justice protect you...for how long?? Whatever Blancophile..i forgive you!”

Valls’ statement was extraordinary and reveals the extent of Zionist influence in the French Government: ” There is a fundamental difference between liberty of impertinence – blasphemy will never be permitted – and anti semitism, racism, excuses for terrorism which are crimes that our justice system should punish with ever greater severity”

At 7am this morning, Dieudonne’s house was raided by 10 Judicial agents who questioned him in front of his children and informed him that he is under house arrest for his apologism for terrorism following his Facebook status on Sunday night.

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