When is Freedom of Speech not Freedom of Speech?

Freedom of speech is an empty principle if it is not applied universally.

Dieudonne is being accused of glorifying terrorism with his frankly pretty inocuous Facebook post that he almost immediately deleted. Charlie Hebdo gratuitously incited violence and terrorism for many years by stigmatising and mocking an already oppressed and segregated Muslim minority in France. They DID incite terrorism and a terrorist act was the consequence of their provocations at the behest of their Zionist backers. Yet Charlie Hebdo is not only protected but held up as an example of freedom of expression, while Dieudonne faces up to 7 years in prison and a considerable fine.

This is the hypocrisy we should be marching against, not some falsified and biased principle of freedom of speech that is only applied to certain sectors of society who use it to further neutralize their detractors or their opposition with impunity.

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