Jacob Cohen on Charlie Hebdo

Q:  What effect do you believe the Charlie Hebdo attack will have upon French society?
JC:  It has been French policy for a number of years now, regardless of the Government, to stigmatise and marginalise Muslims in this country.  It is propogated through media, politics and our institutions.  For years there has been a subtle policy to subjugate Muslims to Zionist rules, an ongoing campaign to suppress Muslim freedom of speech and expression in France.
Q:  It is being said that the attack on Charlie Hebdo was actually carried out by Mossad agents.  Do you have any opinion on this theory?
JC:  I cannot comment without evidence at this stage but it must be made clear that two thirds of “terrorist” operations have been carried out by Mossad and we know their vast capacity for organising such attacks, we know their policy is to infiltrate Muslim organisations and to work from within.  The 2012 attacks on Toulouse were Mossad yet this was never mentioned in the media.
In my opinion the West uses these operations to achieve the implementation of draconian legislation to control the people.  30 – 40 years ago Terrorism did not exist.  Israel has created the conditions in which it will thrive with the sole purpose of provoking Muslims to react against suppression, stigmatism, racism, brutality and thus they created “terrorism”.  This is their “Chaos strategy”.
Q:  Thierry Meyssan, interviewed in META TV, talks about the potential for civil war in France between the French and the Franco Muslims.  Do you think this is really a possibility?
JC:  I am not convinced it will develop to the extent of civil war.  We may see an escalation of isolated conflicts and protests over a period of maybe 3 weeks.  If, however the attacks increase or are manipulated further then we are playing with fire. Our Government is not seeking integration with French Muslims.  Their policies are influenced by Israel and the US and civil peace is not on their agenda.
Q:  The relationship between Israel and France was proven to be a strong one during the Gaza genocide July August 2014 when France banned demonstrations against Israel at Netanyahu’s behest.  Do you think it is Israel that now wields the greater influence?
JC:  I would say that Israel is an important ally of the West and that Arab nations are on the whole submissive to the West.  Our Government in France has a vested interest in maintaining strong relations with Israel.  Zionist influence can be found in most organisations – media, corporations, Government, Institutions, Cinematography.  For instance, currently, no films from Palestine can be shown in our cinemas.  However, recently, there has been a shift in public opinion, particularly since the Gaza Genocide in 2014 and the public has turned against Israel.
Q:  Do you think that this attack happened because the shift in public opinion would not be tolerated?
JC:  Muslims have historically been oppressed in France.  They have never been accorded their civil rights.  However, yes, the attacks will inhibit protest, render Muslims neutral and will ironically undermine their freedom of expression.  Once again I believe the Government is playing with fire, as a result of their Global interventionism they have created conditions in which young Muslims feel violence against the State is vindicated.  The methods they have used to traditionally suppress the Muslim minority will no longer work with the next generation and we will see a rise in “extremism” unless they are better integrated into our society with full civil rights.
Q:  How would you propose that Muslims in France combat this Chaos strategy?
JC:  France is dominated by the CRIF (Conseil Representatif des Institutions Juives de France).  The Muslims must organise themselves and create a counter lobby to the Zionist Lobby.  Muslims must work hard to infiltrate our institutions, create unions, organisations that will empower them in our society.  Currently only Jews have this right, to organise themselves.  Our own BDS meeting was cancelled due to pressure from the Zionist lobby.  There is a student union of Jews, we must create a student union of Muslims to balance this uneven influence in our Education system.  Did you know for example, we did have a very successful Muslim Party of France.  However,  media pressure ensured that eventually it disbanded and disintegrated.  Muslims need to learn to fight their corner legally.  They are legitimate citizens of this country but we must remember,  the majority come from historical French colonies.  They have that status in their heads and in their hearts, they were dominated and oppressed by our country and it is this mentality that must be reversed so that they regain their self respect and their dignity within our society which is their inalienable right.
Q:  Last question.  If you could say one thing to Francois Hollande right now, what would it be?
JC:  He must understand, accept and respect the Muslim element of French society.  He must embrace Muslims as French citizens.  He must ensure an end to discrimination and uphold the principle of equality upon which our Republic depends and in order to achieve this he must eliminate,  entirely,  the influence of CRIF upon our domestic and foreign policy.

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