Saving Syria’s Children: The Director’s Cut?

Fabrication in BBC Panorama 'Saving Syria’s Children'

Update, 11 January 2017: the short clip from Saving Syria’s Children referenced in this post has been swiftly blocked on You Tube by BBC Worldwide, as has a substituted copy – see here and here. In its place I have included a link to this copy uploaded to One Drive. For more on BBC Worldwide’s apparently selective blocking of copies of Saving Syria’s Children, over and above other editions of Panorama, see here. (In recent months I had, surprisingly, found it possible to upload several short clips from the programme to You Tube without their being blocked, until now).

A full copy of Saving Syria’s Children is available on Vimeo here. The “napalm bomb” sequence commences at 30:38 and the specific sequence discussed below at 35:52

With reference to the final paragraph below, I note that this blog received a view from Singapore within hours of…

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