A Floating Hell: Horrifying Images of Boat People

Day in the Life of the Boat People. More than 5,000 migrants trying to reach Europe have been saved from boats in distress in the Mediterranean between May 29 and June 2

The floating black hole: Astonishing images show more than 1,000 migrants, including 200 children, squeezed onto two levels of rescued boat in Mediterranean from Libya
Rickety wooden vessel so overcrowded migrants were sitting on top of each other, with more crammed below deck
Refugees were fleeing war-torn Syria and Eritrea when they were rescued by Italian navy 30 miles off Libyan coast
More than 5,000 migrants have been saved from boats cut adrift in the Mediterranean in the last few days alone

Packed like sardines into a rickety wooden boat, this is the moment Italian sailors found 1,000 migrants desperately trying to flee war-torn Libya.

An Italian navy ship rescued more than 200 children from the boat which was so overcrowded migrants were sitting on each other on the top deck, with more crammed into the deck below.

The refugees, who were fleeing Libya and Eritrea, were found 30 miles off the Libyan coast. There were so many of them, they filled the flight deck of the naval ship Spica, despite the boat they had travelled in being a fraction of its size. The Spica will take the migrants to Sicily for processing.

Around 25 boats packed with refugees have been picked up by ships from Italy, Britain, Malta and Belgium, with air assistance from Iceland and Finland.

Authorities rescuing people from overcrowded vessels found 17 dead over the weekend, bringing this year’s death toll to just under 1,800 people.

More than 130,000 migrants have already arrived on European shores in 2015, coming from countries as diverse as Syria, Nigeria and Vietnam in a desperate effort to flee warzones, avoid genocide and give their children the best chance to start a new life.

When people in the UK and Europe fall for the immigration scare tactics, they should ask themselves what would drive people to endure conditions like this to escape their own homes and families. It is our Governments and their interventionist foreign “policies” that are responsible for this misery. Most of those who whinge and whine about “immigrants” wouldnt even get on a crowded bus…the arrogance & oblivion of comfort.

The Daily Mail Report

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