SYRIA: Economic sanctions are economic terrorism – interview with Director of Al Sqeilbiyyeh Hospital on Idlib borders


Interview with the Director of Al Sqeilbiyyeh National Hospital, Dr Issam Hawsheh – discussing the effects of the illegal US/EU economic sanctions, the White Helmet frauds and the daily terrorist attacks from the armed groups in Idlib and Hama countryside.

Viewing the damage after the latest terrorist missile attacks on Al Sqeilbiyyeh Hospital July 2019. In the background the oxygen and anaesthetic gas station supplying the hospital. (Vanessa Beeley)

Al Sqeilbiyyeh is on the frontlines battling international terrorism alongside Mhardeh and the outlying villages. Almost daily, this town and its civilians are targeted by Grad missiles and rockets – manufactured in the West and paid for by the Gulf States blood money, supplied by Turkey.

These civilians have been preyed upon by these extremist gangs, children have been murdered while playing in the streets, schools and even while sheltering in the the town’s monastery. There is no safe place.

Funeral of five children massacred in a terrorist attack, targeting the Monastery in Al Sqeilbiyyeh May 2019.

Dr Hawsheh speaks candidly and movingly about the effects of this dirty economic and military war upon Syrian civilians and upon his hospital, its medical staff and their ability to heal their own people.

The entrance to Al Sqeilbiyyeh Hospital.
The main entrance of Al Sqeilbiyyeh Hospital – often targeted by terrorist groups embedded in Northern Hama and Idlib. (Vanessa Beeley)

These economic sanctions are quite simply economic terrorism designed to collectively punish the Syrian people who have remained steadfast and loyal to their government, their Army and their President despite the best efforts of the U.S Coalition of terror to dislodge their government and to destabilise the country.

Sanctions are the most abject cruelty, they starve, besiege and imprison an entire people, denying them their self determination and depriving them of their ability to be self sufficient or even to heal themselves from the wounds of a brutal eight year war and terrorist invasion of their homeland.

They are a crime against Humanity.

I asked Dr Hawsheh about the western propaganda which claims the Syrian government is deliberately targeting schools and hospitals in #Idlib:

“It is impossible that our government would target our infrastructures after working for 40 years to establish this infrastructure including hospitals and schools.

Those in Idlib are Syrian citizens. If they were given the choice now, none of them would stay for one minute in areas controlled by the terrorists. They are our people, the people of the Syrian government.

If a stone sheltering a terrorist were targeted, the world would be outraged. But our children are deprived of their education every day. They are deprived of health care. They are not allowed to go to the parks because of the terrorist missiles manufactured in Europe […] they are being murdered by shells and weapons manufactured by the West.

What I know (about the White Helmets) is that they are a fake organisation, a deceiving group, established by British Intelligence.

(White Helmets) claim that they represent humanitarian values and serve all mankind – they claim that they help children and rescue people – but they are actors who adhere to the terrorist ideology…”

My article on the terrorist massacre of five children in Al Sqeilbiyyeh, for Mint Press News, is here.

Watch the full interview here:


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