SYRIA: The REAL war on terror – Sweida civilians defending themselves against ISIS

The REAL war on terror.

SWEIDA – ISIS massacre July 25th 2018. During these attacks, ISIS invaded the village homes and murdered civilians, many children, as they slept. The attacks began before dawn, all the electricity was cut off before the attack so ISIS crept into the village under the cover of complete darkness with surprise on their side.

While the U.S Coalition have pursued their geopolitical agenda in Syria under the guise of the “war against ISIS” the reality is that the ISIS terrorists covered up to 100km of desert to reach Shbeki from the East – from the direction of the U.S Al Tanf military base. Somehow ISIS bypassed any U.S surveillance and entered the villages to the East of Sweida City without being detected by those who claim to be trying to eradicate them.

I visited the village of Shbeki twice last year, once immediately after the massacre took place..when the blood stains and trauma were still visible and palpable, and then again after the SAA liberation of the ISIS kidnap victims in November 2018. I have recorded all the events and civilian testimony in the following two articles:…/…/…/sweida-a-bloody-massacre-bar…/


A few weeks ago I revisited Shrehi and Shbeki, almost one year after this tragic event that tore holes in the heart of this simple and beautiful community.

Children in the village of Shrehi that came under attack from ISIS terrorists July 25th 2018. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

I interviewed a local hero in Shbeki, Lo’ai Abu Ammar, who, along with 6 other civilians, waged a real and terrifying war against ISIS on that terrible day in July 2018. Lo’ai describes how he, his friends and relatives gathered their weapons and took up position to defend their town, picking off the ISIS fighters one by one.

At one point Lo’ai must make the split second decision to possibly shoot his own cousin who is being used as a human shield by an ISIS fighter. If the ISIS fighter had made it to the position he was aiming for, it would have put many of the sheltering civilians at risk – just as Lo’ai was weighing up the decision, fate intervened and the wind blew the terrorist’s scarf in his face, as he lifted his hand to clear his vision, Lo’ai took the shot and killed him, saving his cousin and the civilians at risk.

The road used by the ISIS terrorists to enter Shbeki July 25th 2018 – to the East of the village in the direction of Al Tanf – US military base. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

While U.S and even U.K media fanfare the false claims made by their governments of combatting ISIS – Lo’ai and his comrades faced ISIS and defended their village against an even greater bloodbath and occupation by these monsters, fuelled by drugs and equipped by the same U.S coalition and its allies that claim to be fighting this “genetically modified” gang of sectarian sub-humans (Dr Bashar Al Jaafari’s terminology for the terrorist groups roaming Syria)

Lo’ai and his comrades put themselves between their families and friends and certain death or mutilation. They were victorious but the outcome could have been so much worse. They had the advantage of knowledge of their village and the power that comes from righteous defence of their honour, their dignity, their land and their country against an invading, barbaric force.

Thank you Lo’ai for your heroism, for your humility and your candid description of what happened on this terrible day in history.

In Syria, ordinary civilians everywhere have been forced to become fighters, soldiers and defenders instead of being doctors, farmers or teachers – this is Syria, every Syrian will take up arms to defend their secular state, their history, their culture and their dignity and they will remain standing until the last man or woman if that is what it takes to repel the forces of extremism and evil. This is why the U.S, the U.K, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and all other hostile interlopers will never succeed in bringing this noble country to its knees.

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