SYRIA: 2011 Syrian Christians supporting President Assad, protesting against extremist thugs


April 2011, right at the start of the international proxy war against Syria – Syrian Christians in Al Sqeilbiyyeh come out in support of President Assad. They drove back the extremist thugs trying to enter the town and they have done so ever since. Also in Mhardeh & surrounding villages of northern Hama. 

From this day on the volunteer National Defence Forces fought and died to protect these towns from ethnic cleansing by the Western-backed terrorist groups that besieged them. Led by their commanders, Nabel Alabdalla and Simon Alwakil in Mhardeh, these young men and women defended not only their own towns but the surrounding villages and countryside also.

Simon Alwakil, commander of NDF in Mhardeh, northern Hama.

UK PM, Boris Johnson, is “vowing to protect Christians from persecution in the Middle East”, while financing the terrorist gangs that murder them in their sleep and mow their children down with internationally prohibited weapons. Lift the sanctions you hypocrite and visit the terrorists you promote in Idlib before their existence is wiped from the earth – find out what life is like among your “moderate” mass murderers filled with sectarian hatred.

Syrian Christians have supported President Assad and the Syrian Arab Army from day one alongside all minorities in Syria. The SAA is fighting to protect “religious freedom”, the terrorists monsters would destroy all that represents pluralism and diversity. Which would you support?

My article on this rank hypocrisy from my government:…/uk-vows-to-protect-christian…/

Cover photo: Nabel Alabdall, commander of Al Sqeilbiyyeh NDF (Salm photography)

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