SAA victory in Hama: Nabel Alabdalla commander of National Defence Forces in Sqeilbiyyeh

My most recent interview with Nabel Alabdalla,commander of the Sqeilbiyyeh National Defence Forces. I was honoured to be able to join in some of the celebrations for the recent Syrian Arab Army victories that have swept Hama clean of international terrorism that has threatened and targeted Sqeilbiyyeh, Mhardeh and surrounding villages for more than 8 years.

Finally civlians and fighters can breathe and see peace restored to their battered city. I attended a baptism party one evening, many of the fighters told me this was the first time they had danced in six years. Beautiful. I will post videos of this stunning celebration of life a little later.

Thank you to Nabel, his fighters, the SAA and Syria’s steadfast allies for bringing life and love back to this land, this land of the prophets.

Nabel Alabdalla. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

God bless the glorious martyrs whose souls may now rest in peace knowing the righteous are victorious.

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