SYRIA: ‘SAA victory in Hama means we can begin a new chapter in our lives’ – Mhardeh

Sahar Dayob – “One day it is going to be a very beautiful memory to show it to our great children. Telling them the story of millions of syrian heroes men and women whom made Syria better and built it with their love even after tough few years of war. We had to stand up on our feet again for them for better Syria for love and peace”

Please listen to Sahar. She will tell you what you need to know about the 8 year war waged against Syria by the criminal rogue states in the West, Gulf states, Israel and Turkey.

Sahar is a volunteer with the Mhardeh National Defence Forces. Most of all she wants to help Syria rebuild and to return to peace and stability.

Mhardeh is a Syrian Christian town in northern Hama, under attack for 8 years by Western sponsored terrorists that have recently been defeated by the SAA. Hama is now fully liberated. These fighters are not only Syrian Christians, there are also Ismaili, Sunni Muslims and other sects among their ranks. This secular unity under the Syrian flag will ensure that every inch of Syria is liberated.

Cover photo – Vanessa Beeley with the Mhardeh National Defence Forces 31/8/2019

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