Entering Khan Sheikhoun after SAA liberation. September 2019

Entering Khan Sheikhoun shortly after full liberation by the glorious Syrian Arab Army.

The areas we entered, the residential homes were relatively undamaged, contrary to Western media hyperbole and sensationalism. Instead we saw a town devoid of civilians. The sounds of ongoing battles for Tamanah and other areas could be heard close by, the boom of artillerty and gunfire.

Afterwards we were told, many civilians had joined the terrorists and left with them. Others had fled Khan Sheikhoun during the fist days of the terrorist occupation. Finally, many civilians had been held as hostages, imprisoned in the labyrinthine underground networks of tunnels and prison cells. These civilians were moved deeper into Idlib province as the SAA advanced towards liberation of Khan Sheikhoun.

Most soldiers were welcoming and celebrating this historic victory, some were simply exhausted, the strain of years of war etched in their sunburned faces.

Khan Sheikhoun square under the Syrian Arab Republic flag.

The battles for Hama and now Idlib are hard and punishing. God bless these heroes in the SAA who have fought international terrorism for 8 years and have reclaimed almost every inch of Syrian soil from the grasp of the globalist, neocon criminals in the West and among their terrorist-financing allies.

God bless the martyrs who have given their lives to return Syria to her people and to protect this rich, diverse, secular culture from the perversion of multiple extremist, sectarian gangs.

May the injured heal swiftly and may the victory celebrations continue. History in the making.


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