The forgotten victims of the unmentioned terrorist siege of West Aleppo

Malak is 9 years old, 3 years ago she was shot by a Western backed terrorist sniper in Bani Zaid,  Aleppo. Her favourite subject is Arabic, she would like to be a doctor when she grows up so she can “heal people”

What did Malak to deserve this pain and disability. How dare Western media war-vultures lecture anyone about “human rights” when they enable and support this child mutilation.

Walking around Khalidiyah in north-west Aleppo, every person in the street is affected by the continued terrorist attacks. Children wave shyly from the balconies, others hide behind the sniper sheets, others walk past glaring but return out of curiosity and to have their picture taken. Life goes in but the terrorist presence only a few hundred meters away hangs like a dark shroud, a shadow behind the eyes of the children who can be shot for crossing the street or their homes destroyed by mortars.

Hamoud is 19 years old, his leg was blown off by a terrorist mortar three years ago, in Khalidiyah, Aleppo . He has had a prosthetic limb fitted twice but they don’t fit correctly and are too painful to wear so he prefers to use his crutches.

He was sixteen when he was disabled by the monsters that have invaded Syria, financed and armed by the US Coalition of terror. His life has been shattered. How many more mutilated young people must we show before those who support these endless “humanitarian” wars wake up to the tragedy they are inflicting upon the people who don’t believe in their “humanity”

Hamoud told me “what can I say to the West – that they should keep supporting the terrorists who are killing us? May God curse them for what they did to us”

This young man’s anger was palpable but who can blame him? I am humbled he even spoke to me. The West deserves this anger. For 9 years these people have suffered, seen their children broken and bleeding in front of them, had limbs torn from their bodies and swept the blood from their streets.

Where were the marches, the protests, the outrage? Oh I forget, people were marching for this bloodshed and misery to continue because they believed that although the media always lies to them, somehow they were telling the truth about Syria. Wilful ignorance kills and maims Syrian people every day.

I hope one day Hamoud and Syria will forgive us.

Here lies the heart of the atrocities committed against Syria. Hamoud may forgive us, he will certainly see how you Vanessa have fought for the people of Syria. But the rest of us are in varying degrees complicit in his wounding. The degrees include not knowing through ignorance, willful or otherwise; knowing but not caring; knowing caring but not speaking or acting in any way to stop imperialism. But special damnation is owed to those who know what’s going on but actively participate to further careers or enrich themselves. This includes literally thousands in the media.Hamoud will make up his own mind who, if any, to forgive but he owes it to no one. ~ Patrick Corbett

Ghossoun is not yet six years old. She lives with her mother and grandparents in Khalidiyah, West Aleppo, less than 500 meters from the terrorist groups that regularly shell and snipe the streets where she was playing with her friends. She will go to school when she is six years old. She doesnt know what she wants to do when she grows up, ” it is too early to know that”. 

Ghossoun’s father was killed before she was born, while her mother was pregnant with this little one. He was targeted by terrorist mortars in the streets near Ghossoun’s home and killed instantly. 

Ghossoun’s grandfather told me that she looks most like her mother. 

One more child that will grow up without a father, without ever knowing her father – this is Syria since this filthy regime change war began in 2011, tens of thousands of child victims of the indiscriminate violence and sectarian murderous campaigns of the Western proxies inside Syria. 

Mahmoud is 18 years old. Three months ago, his mother, aunt and three-year-old baby sister were murdered by an incoming terrorist mortar at the spot where Mahmoud is standing in the photograph. 

I asked Mahmoud to give me a message for people in the West. He looked puzzled, as if trying to figure out why I would ask him this, before he told me that he wished God would curse the West for their role in promoting and supporting the terrorist groups that massacred his family members. 

At one point when I was walking in Khalidiyah, this young man came running after me to warn me that further up the street there was a terrorist sniper in position, waiting to pick off any civilians that wandered within range. 


I will shortly be writing a more detailed article on my recent time in the terrorist-besieged areas of Western Aleppo. 

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