SYRIA: Testimony from the *forgotten people* – interviews by Pierre Le Corf in Aleppo

Pierre Le Corf

“Take these few minutes please, I ask it to you as a favor, it is really important. Here’s a little piece of history, a little bit of a window on the lives of those who go through war and face everyday life under the weight of sanctions. I have collected hours and hours of testimonies from people who are erased, forgotten. I ask you nothing except to take the time to listen, to open your hearts, to share their messages because these testimonies are essential. ”


Prenez ces quelques minutes s’il vous plaît, je vous le demande comme un service, c’est vraiment important. Voici un petit morceau d’histoire, un petit bout de fenêtre sur la vie de ceux qui traversent la guerre et affrontent le quotidien sous le poids des sanctions. J’ai récolté des heures et des heures de témoignages de gens qui sont effacés, oubliés. Je ne vous demande rien sinon de prendre le temps d’écouter, d’ouvrir vos coeurs, de partager leurs messages car ces témoignages sont essentiels.

Video HD sur Google drive si vous voulez l’utiliser:

One thought on “SYRIA: Testimony from the *forgotten people* – interviews by Pierre Le Corf in Aleppo

  1. Truly heart wrenching to watch and see what we in the Western world have been capable of doing to other nations in a far away land that have done nothing to us .We are starving people intentionally by setting fire to the wheat fields , this now viewed and recorded for history .Insanity reigns to be sure.


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