SYRIA: Vanessa Beeley Speaks at the UPR Conference in Paris, March 25th 2017

IMG_1100Kids in Hanano, East Aleppo, 24 hours after liberation from Nusra Front-led occupation, by the SAA and allies. December 2016 ( Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

What follows is a speech I gave at the UPR [Union Populaire Republicaine] Conference/Election Campaign launch/10 years anniversary, on Saturday the 25th March in Paris, in front of 6,500 people. Francois Asselineau, leader of the UPR is the “surprise” candidate in the French elections. A man of integrity, with a long history in politics, who stands against NATO, supports leaving the EU, and above all destests France’s policy of intervention and destabilization of sovereign nations.

Thank you to M Francois Asselineau for allowing me to speak so openly about Syria, Yemen and the NATO & Gulf state destruction of these countries. Due to time constraints, I had to omit certain parts of the speech or alter it slightly, but this is the gist of it:

“My name is Vanessa Beeley independent journalist who has spent three months in Syria during 2016, particularly in Aleppo. I was in Aleppo for its liberation. A liberation from NATO state funded, terrorist occupation. I gathered video testimonies from the Syrian civilians emerging from 5 years of prison, paid for by our regimes in service to the US and NATO.

We live in a world governed by lies. Lies that are propagated by our media, by our NGOs all of whom work to promote the cause of NATO, led by the United States. Whether it is in Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Palestine or Syria, we are being lied to.

Syria is not a civil war. Refugees are not fleeing President Assad. The people of Syria are being subjected to misery and terrorism by the United States and NATO states, allied with the despotic Gulf states and Israel. Terrorism that France, among others, is arming, funding and promoting as “rebels”. France is imposing economic sanctions that do not affect the Syrian government. They are a form of economic terrorism. They deprive the Syrian people of medical treatment. They ensure the destruction of essential infrastructure, like hospitals, schools, fuel and electricity. Side by side with militant terrorism they ensure the destabilization of a sovereign nation. France and other NATO states are committing supreme crimes against Humanity in Syria under the familiar humanitarian pretext.  That pretext is false.

In Syria a war is being waged against all of us, against Humanity. Syria is containing the terrorist threat created by our own regimes. A threat that menaces us and draws closer every day as the US and NATO continue funding and arming the extremist groups in Syria. A threat that lives among us, as France’s ally, Saudi Arabia ensures the radicalisation of young people in France and all of Europe. They are sent to fight in Syria but they will come back to France, to the UK, to Brussels, to Germany.

We claim, as always, that we are bringing Democracy. I will read to you a short excerpt from an open letter written to President Hollande by a colleague, Pierre le Corf, a Frenchman working for one year, in West Aleppo under daily terrorist mortar attacks from the East.  Attacks I witnessed, myself. 11,000 civilians were massacred by these attacks, the majority children. Never mentioned by our corporate media.

“A fight for the “freedom” of the Syrian people. We use this catch-all word without ever having defined or justified it. What freedom? Which Syrian people? Destroying the government, suffocating the country under sanctions for what? Our great knowledge and expertise of democracy? Have French people asked what tomorrow will be made of, in Syria?

No! ‘Freedom,’ that is all. Easy to say.

The political and social programs of these terrorist groups is in complete opposition with freedom, democracy and our values or those of the majority of countries around the world. It is because of our interests, not because of freedom that we manipulate those groups that call for the creation of an Islamic state in Syria. Do not ask yourself what they want to give to the Syrian people, ask yourself what they want to impose and take away. All the civilians I meet everyday refuse to imagine this option for a single minute, and those who do try to forget the option might become their reality in a near future.” ~ Pierre Le Corf

[Full letter was published at 21st Century Wire]

Two days ago there was a terrorist attack in London. We all grieve the loss of life. Innocent loss of life. My own family live in this area of London.

I dont apologise for feeling angry that the blood of innocents in Damascus, Ukraine and Yemen is allowed to pool in the gutter with no mention from our UK state media. No condemnation of the terrorism, our regimes have created, promoted and inflicted upon the world. There is no BBC 24 hour coverage of the torn body parts, mutilated children and relatives screaming in pain and loss when they find their loved ones among the charred remains of another UK bomb or US supplied grad missile. No close up of the twisted corpses, ripped apart by a UK supported suicide bomber, as they are piled up in the back of a truck.

No, we call this monster a “rebel” and celebrate his “advances”

We welcome these terrorists to Paris, to the Champs Elysee.  The White Helmets, financed by the French regime, among others, are nothing more than Nusra Front civil defence. They have sworn allegiance to Nusra Front, Daesh and other extremist groups, as proven by the documents they left behind in Aleppo and by the testimonies of the Syrian civilians in East Aleppo.

We honour the chief executioner of Saudi Arabia’s absolute monarchy with the Legion d’Honneur while this terrorist regime is starving 27 million Yemeni people. While they massacre tens of thousands of children with bombs supplied by France, the UK and the US.

Lives that were lost two days ago, in London, are as a direct result of the same terrorism that brings daily horror to Damascus and it resides in our halls of power and among the chosen allies of the UK regime. Above all, it crawls & breathes, among us, in the terror cells, incubated and nurtured by our state and Intelligence agencies, on UK soil, on French soil,  before being despatched to massacre more innocents in Syria or Iraq.

I feel deeply and pray for the families who lost their loved ones yesterday, but please try to remember that France, the US, the UK, NATO  has caused untold suffering worldwide for centuries, culminating in the bloodbath in Syria, the genocide in Yemen, the Nazi revival in Ukraine and the violent rape and abuse of countless other nations, including Palestine. It is these acts of supreme barbarism and abject inhumanity that are reaping the terror we are witnessing in Europe.

It is time to treat the cause not the symptoms and rise up against those who have brought this hell to earth. We are all human, we are all equal, every human life has the same value, it is time to defend the future we owe to our children and the children of countries that have been destroyed by our successive governments.

It is time to question the lies, for the sake of France, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, for all Humanity.

Full speech (in French) is here ~

The video of the whole event and the rousing speech of M Francois Asselineau can be seen here:

5 thoughts on “SYRIA: Vanessa Beeley Speaks at the UPR Conference in Paris, March 25th 2017

      • Hi Vanessa
        I am talking with Robert Steele this week. He is a very interesting guy who clearly has a respect for truth and integrity.
        His background is CIA and covert ops.
        He was recommended for a Nobel Peace Prize this year.
        Would you be interested in interviewing him? If you were to be, perhaps you could give me a profile of audience etc. We are talking on Wednesday so you have some time. Yes, I am being opportunistic – please note, though, not for me but for what you stand for!
        I am not promising to deliver! I am stepping out for the Truth.
        Have a great Easter Weekend


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