Human Rights Watch’s Kenneth Roth’s Obsession with Bashar Al-Assad and Barrel Bombs

Yalla La Barra

The executive director of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth, has allowed his obsession with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and “barrel bombs” to completely cloud his vision when it comes to his twitter account. Rather than giving equal time to all the human rights abuses and war crimes that are taking place around the world, he uses up all his energy zeroing in on Assad and his alleged targeting of civilians. Issues like Israel’s abuse of Palestinians, Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war on Yemen and Bahrain’s oppression of the Shi’aa, to name just a few, are only brought intermittingly. Let’s not forget the big one: in Syria, the United States & its allies are funding and training of extremist Jihadi factions with the goal of overthrowing the government of a sovereign member-state of the United Nations. Roth has not once pointed out the illegal and violently destabilizing nature of these Western/Turkish/GCC regime change operations. For the…

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