Syria: Terrorist siege of Kafarya and Foua.

Brief update from our brother in Beirut who has family suffering under terrorist siege in the villages of Kafarya and Foua. 24/8/2015

“The situation is a little calmer because SAA and its allies are working well in the south of Idleb , so it is calmer at the village.
20/08/2015 shelling on Foua from Binnish side from 9: 00 AM till 14:00 but not continuously , no one wounded.
Light clashes happened today between the defender of Kafarya and Foua versus Takfiri groups from the Binnish side.  .
People observed intense terrorist drone activity in the skies over the villages all day.
21/08/2015 shelling on Alfoua from Binnish side. One man was struck down and killed while he was walking in the street.
Health situation : it is very hard , one young women died last week due to a lack of essential Cancer medicine & treatment, which had previously been readily available. My friend’s father is in a very bad situation too , he needs a daily treatment for his lung requiring electricity, which in turn cannot be produced without fuel generators.

My sister adds, they have been waiting for two days to  take their turn in the bread delivery which is dropped by Government helicopters.”

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