The Way Forward in the US ~ Henry Lowendorf

15th November 2016


“The liberal establishment is still the establishment. The 1% controls both Republican and Democratic Parties. We can spend time assailing the liberals who were silent during Obama’s administration, or we can find allies – as Sanders is urging – to fight the establishment period.

We need to move people into action to fight for peace, green economic development, an end to scapegoating.

The election had no peace candidate.

The election had no champion for a sustainable future.

You voted for Clinton you enabled noflyzones.

You voted for Trump you enabled torture and a bigger military.

Bashing potential allies, breastbeating, is not going to create the coalitions needed to stop the neocons and rightwingers. We cannot compete with the imperialists on destruction. They win.

We can and must compete and win on construction – of a better future for the 99.9%.”

Henry Lowendorf – US Peace Council


One thought on “The Way Forward in the US ~ Henry Lowendorf

  1. Both candidates are not the same. Trump is the only one without actual blood on his hands. He has never organized a war, never killed anybody. I voted based on body counts. Trump 0 Clinton 1 million + dead. Ask the major tribes of Libya who they were for. I know the fact that he is brash and rich really irks “left wingers” but get over it. I never trusted Sanders and he showed his true colors when he supported the Butcher of Libya. Trump has backed off his ridiculous torture rhetoric and peace through strength can work as a strategy if the intentions are truly peace. So maybe he is the brash prick we need to negotiate some peace. He is swimming with sharks. Can you imagine actually being in his position? If he moves in that direction how about showing some support? Have a little faith. I know it is hard but it is all we have.


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