SYRIA: Dr Bashar Al Jaafari addresses UNSC – Turkish, US, Israeli violations of international law

Statement by Ambassador Dr Bashar Al Jaafari to the UN Security Council on the 18th May 2020: 

(Translation taken from Dr Al Jaafari’s FB page)

Mr. President,

The Council celebrated the seventy-fifth anniversary of the victory over Nazism and fascism in World War II in which the victorious, among us, we, pledged their efforts to maintain international peace and security and to avoid humanity the scourge of war Twice brought about the black plague that invaded Europe and the world in the medieval world, the birth of the United Nations, whose Charter enshrined the international legal framework and the fundamental principles underpinning the architecture of international relations of respect for sovereignty and Sovereign equality of Member States and refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of States and from the threat or use of force.

Today, seventy-five years later, the world has witnessed the collapse of extremist regimes that have already emerged in Europe and others, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the Nusra Front in our region and based on acts of aggression and greedy Domination and practices of discrimination and hatred, we are witnessing the Governments of some Western countries, which were supposed to have tested the experience of the two world wars and recognized their effects and therefore trust in the maintenance of international peace and security, violating the fundamental principles of International law and the provisions of the Charter in a systematic manner and the pursuit of the choices of the peoples of Member States through military invasion, armed aggression, investment in terrorism, policies of coercion and economic and financial coercion, all practices that are in devoted to the law of force and the law of the jungle Instead of the power of law and authority of right.

What we hear in the realities of World War II by two permanent members of the Security Council deny the Soviet Union and its successor of more than 27 million martyrs against Nazism, the Soviet Union and its successor, has given by the Federal Russia. Condemning us, whoever does so will not be difficult for him to deflect Syria’s struggle, army and leadership in the face of terrorism.

For its part, Syria continues to believe in the principles and purposes of the United Nations, which has signed its Charter with other founding members of San Francisco, and is committed, today and every day, to maintaining its sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity These are confirmed by the relevant Council resolutions.

Mr. President,

The Turkish regime continues to violate its obligations under international law, the Adana Agreement, Sochi, Stana, Moscow and Security Council resolutions, especially those relating to counter-terrorism, as this regime continues to provide multi-form support and care for loyal terrorist organizations His which is active in various areas of northern Syria.

These organizations used the period of calm after the Moscow Agreement and global concern with efforts to address the corona epidemic to reorganize and increase their forces in preparation for more terrorist crimes, the latest of which was the establishment of terrorist groups belonging to the “Guards of religion” and The “Turkistani Party” by attacking a military point in the village of casserole next to Sahl al-jungle in the northwest, targeting it with a barrage of mortar shells and machine fire, leading to the rise of martyrs and injured others. 

Obviously, these terrorist organizations do not even have Arab names but names associated with the Ottoman era and their Turkish operator. The terrorists of Turkey-backed ” Turkey-backed terrorized Zizon Thermal Power Station Tower in Idlib after looted in cooperation with Turkish technicians and transported it into Turkish territory through the crossings promoted Some in the UN as “humanitarian”. Furthermore, the Turkish regime violated the ITU Convention and constitution by installing a number of cellular communications stations inside Syrian territory and providing internet coverage and cell communications, especially for regulation Terrorist in northern Syria via a Turkish internet service provider called HAT-net and a Turkish communications company called e-LUX

The water cut from the Ulak station controlled by Turkish occupation forces and their tools from terrorist organizations, and the denial of the citizens of Al-Hasakah and its neighbours of more than one million citizens of drinking water, are a war crime and a crime against humanity. We are saddened that those who are self-appointed defender of the right of Syrians to restore their daily security and strength, whether from Western States, Ocha or United Nations specialized agencies have not said a word to condemn these inhumane practices.

On the other hand, the United States occupying forces have launched a new military base in the countryside of Deir Al-Zor governorate in north-eastern Syria with a view to tightening their control over Syrian oil well and to continue looting the capabilities of the Syrian people The period since the last briefing of the Special Envoy has also witnessed military attacks carried out by the Israeli occupying forces from over the territory of the occupied Syrian Golan and the atmosphere of neighbouring States.

These aggressive practices, which are a flagrant violation of international law and the provisions of the Charter, are the tip of an iceberg of aggressive practices aimed at prolonging the crisis in my country, to impede settlement efforts and support terrorist organizations and operative separatist militias. As usual, the Security Council, under pressure from its three permanent members of its three Western States remain silent on these acts that threaten regional and international peace and security, as they seek to make this Council a NATO platform, which threatens to undermine the foundations of the regime Multilateral international and its return to the pre-World War II world. Currently there are six NATO member States on the Security Council, and Turkey at this meeting, the number is seven, about half of the members of the Security Council.

In this context, my delegation reiterates that we will not abandon our legitimate right to defend our homeland and its abilities, combat terrorism and liberate our occupied territories, whether the occupier is American, Turkey or Israeli or their terrorist organizations Any presence of foreign military forces on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic without the explicit consent of the Syrian Government is aggression and occupation and will be dealt with on this basis in accordance with our national constitution and our rights provided by international law.

Mr. President,

The success of any political path requires the creation of the conditions for this, above all respect for the first paragraph of your resolutions, which emphasizes the strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic. It requires ending the illegal foreign military presence, cessation of acts of aggression, stop supporting terrorism, ending coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people. The anti-Syria stop their efforts to impose their vision of their loyalty and preconditions against the Syrian people I’m sorry.

My country is a victim of an unprecedented terrorism sponsored by States members of this Council and outside in order to obtain political concessions appropriate to their interference agenda in the internal affairs of the States of the region. This explains the hectic pursuit of invasion of countries in the region, attempting to change the legitimate regimes of government by force and impose new facts on the ground with a view to undermining the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state and sustaining the Israeli occupation of the occupied Syrian Golan and passing the illusion of the century promoted by the administration American.

Mr. President,

The power of power and investment in terrorism will not drive us to drink from the river of madness. We have been and remain a safety valve for stability and moderation in the region, and our strong commitment to our sovereignty and independence embodies our true understanding of victory over Nazism and fascism in World War II.

In conclusion, I am very sorry that I have not heard any comment from the Special Envoy nor from any members of the Security Council on condemning the Turkish regime’s water cut off from Al-Hasakah for the third time in a month. I also regret that I have not heard any comments from the Special Envoy nor from any members of the Security Council about the Turkish regime’s terrorist organization by the terrorist “Guardians” of the bombing of the power plant in Zizon in Idlib countryside, after stealing components Shipped it to Turkish territory to sell it as scrap.

I am also very sorry that I have not heard any comment from the Special Envoy nor from any of the members of the Security Council about the robbery of Syrian oil and gas by the American occupation forces and about the American aviation yesterday throwing heat balloons on wheat farms in the town of shadadi south of al-Hasakah , which caused 200 hectares of wheat farmland burning…..

And thank you Mr. President. 


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