EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Syrian women NDF volunteers on Idlib borders

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – with the wives, mothers, sisters of martyrs who have taken up arms to defend their homeland. A message for mothers in the West.

The courageous volunteer women fighters of Al Sqeilbiyyeh, Syrian Christian town on Idlib borders, have suffered unimaginable loss during the eight year war waged against them by the U.S Coalition of terror and their allies in the Gulf States, Israel and Turkey.

Courageous women volunteers with National Defence Forces Al Sqeilbiyyeh. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

Young wives have lost their husbands early in their married life which should be a time of joy and companionship. Sisters have lost their brothers and mothers their sons.

Fadi Ibrahim Salloum was the only son of one of the mothers who speaks to me. As she left the room, his mother reached out to touch the photo of her son displayed among those of all the NDF martyrs from Al Skeilbiyyeh that have given their lives defending the town, she stroked his face in the photo gently before leaving.

“I hope that every mother would understand that if she had children and she loves her homeland, it is her right to defend her homeland when evil threatens it” she told me.

Please watch the faces of these unbelievably brave women as their friends are speaking, just to understand their suffering and pain – despite which they have chosen to stand in solidarity with their brothers in the National Defence Forces and the Syrian Arab Army.

Women volunteer fighters with local National Defence Forces in Al Sqeilbiyyeh. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

Samira, one of the fighters, described to us how coming to the NDF center every day gave them a purpose, a feeling of being part of a family.

A dear friend of mine in Syria saw the photographs of these lady fighters and he said ” what has this war done to our people that women should feel that they have to protect themselves and their children in this way?”

Please watch the full interview here:


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