We are all Gaza.

As the airstrikes continue unabated across the Gaza Strip, adjectives to describe this culling of human lives drain from my mind.

I am wordless in a sea of blood and lost in a fog of dying breaths.


When you see an image like this, the monstrous missile strewn like some dead animal in the room of a child..the life of that child reduced to matchsticks and a door creaking in the dust that is settling over a life barely begun..you know that Humanity has spiralled into the abyss from which there is no escape except by meeting violence with violence. (Photo: Anne Paq Photography)

Yet revenge is not a word I have heard amongst the people of Gaza, have you?


They ask for Peace. They ask for Freedom. They ask to be recognized as Human beings. They ask for support. They ask for awareness.

They are being killed for demanding their basic Human Rights, how long before we too are destroyed for the same reason. We are all Gaza, make no mistake.


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