No Peace without Justice

I keep posting about increasing violence, restrictions and suffocation of Human & Civil rights in Palestine by the Occupying Force of Israel.

israeli arrest of 7 year old
Having rendered Gaza virtually uninhabitable and ensured that the people will suffer unendurable misery the attention of the IOF now seems to be on a campaign of terror in the rest of Palestine.


All this while the majority of the world worries about where Obama is going to bomb next under the pretext of the ever metamorphosing “war on terror”.

There is no sign of the agreed lifting of the siege on Gaza, no sign of renewed or increased traffic of people and goods through either the Erez or the Rafah border.

The fishermen trying to work within the newly “extended” fishing limits of 6 miles are still being intimidated and threatened by the Israeli Navy, almost daily since the “ceasefire”. Fishing limits that were set at 20 nautical miles under the Oslo agreement.

ezz 33

The injured are suffering and some are now dying in poorly equipped hospitals from wounds inflicted by the illegal DIME bombs which are virtually untreatable. Children and adults alike are coping with the stress and trauma of the 50 day onslaught. Then there is the gargantuan rebuilding process that has barely begun, bodies still being found in the rubble and lives to be somehow patched back together.

father kisses son feet

Those civilians who were taken prisoner in Gaza during the Israeli Ground Invasions are still largely unaccounted for.

Negotiations have descended into the usual melee of opinion and counter opinion without any desire on Israel’s part to realistically create Peace. The status quo has returned with barely a murmur from those who declare themselves representatives of the Palestinian people or from the International Community who has characteristically gone quiet now the bombing has stopped and there is no fresh bloodshed to blot their copybook.

The young of Gaza are risking their lives and paying a fortune to the Egyptian border officials who are milking their misery, in order to get on board a barely seaworthy boat to try for asylum in an increasingly Nationalistic, racist & hostile Europe.

The displaced, the marginalised, the racially segregated, the injured, the traumatised and the dignified people of Palestine are still living under an Apartheid regime and are still being refused their most basic Human rights.

The World has shrugged off this latest massacre and ongoing terror campaign in Palestine as if it were nothing more than an inconvenient interruption to their scheduled programme.


It must never be forgotten and the deaths of innocent people must never be in vain. Palestine must be free, Israel must be brought to Justice and the International Community must recognise that the Nakba 1948 continues today and it is a Genocide.

dolls housse

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