A Tragic Outcome!

A tragic outcome!!

The target was Hamas Terrorist operatives! Where in the footage of this massacre do we see the imaginary Hamas operatives? In the smouldering embers of the obliterated shack? On the beach? In the sky? There were no Hamas operatives. This was murder.

Bakr boys

If the world is stupid enough to accept the Israeli narrative and too blind to see what happened or too apathetic to fight against this blatant Crime against Humanity then I despair of the future of this world.

The Israeli army said in a statement: “The IDF has no intention of harming civilians dragged by Hamas into the reality of urban combat. We are carefully investigating the incident in question,” it said in statement. “Based on preliminary results, the target of this strike was Hamas terrorist operatives. The reported civilian causalities from this strike are a tragic outcome.”

bakr boys shooting

Tell that to these boys, screaming their pain and grief at the world that is only just waking up to the reality of his life under occupation.

beach03_2977356c beach04_2977358c

Photos:  The Bakr Family coming to terms with the loss of their 4 boys.  Ismail, Zakaria, Ahed and Mohamed.

bakr family grief bakr family The mother of one of the four Palestinian children from the Baker family, whom medics said were killed by a shell fired by an Israeli naval gunboat, grieves outside the morgue in Gaza City

Video footage of the Israeli murder of the Bakr boys.

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