Gaza Smile Project

gaza smile project poster

Gaza: with over 200.000 Palestinians losing their homes in this bombardment and being displaced to shelters, it is hard for these struggling families to buy the children a school bag and uniform for the new school term that will start on the 24th of August.
A school bag is only 20$/ 15 Euros/ £ 12 and will contain the studying material that a school child needs . We would love to achieve as many bags as possible for the homeless and grieving children of Gaza.

Children never start wars, yet they are the ones that are killed, maimed, traumatized and left homeless, terrified and permanently scarred.
The children of Gaza are innocent victims trapped in an area of land the size of the Isle of Wight with nowhere safe to shelter from the bombs and shells that have been falling day and night eradicating their homes and in many cases destroying their families. They have no escape and no way of healing except through the routine and relief afforded by their schools where they can absorb themselves in other activities to try to forget the horror they have seen.

Each school bag which will contain the essential items for school – bag, pencils, notebook, rubber, crayons, stickers, pencil bag.

gaza smile project 2 school bag

The bags and their contents will be bought from shops in Gaza as long as supplies last.

We will keep a diary of the children who will receive the school bag and then update with their school progress and people will see how much this one simple item will bring a little hope to their lives and put a smile on their faces.

thank you 2

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