The sad events of the Peshawar Massacre – and some needed reflections

Abdullah al Andalusi

Yesterday saw the tragic and horrific attack against a school in Pakistan, when the immoral and brutal members of the Fazlullah-led Tehrik i Taliban Pakistan (TTP) attacked the school in retaliation for the Pakistani Army’s operations in the tribal areas which saw hundreds killed and thousands of civilians displaced. There are three important reflections we need to understand about this event in order to understand it and stop it from happening again.

Firstly we need to understand, who the TTP are, and what caused them to arise. The TTP arose from the Pakistani army obeying pressure from the USA to clear away any safe havens in Pakistan for fighters fighting US forces in Afghanistan. The Pakistani Army, instead of rejecting the offer, or coming to the aid of beleaguered afghans suffering from invasion and bombing – they chose to deploy full military operations upon Pakistan’s own soil – allowing U.S…

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