The Forces of Darkness in France ~ Jacob Cohen.

France: “Human Rights” and Citizen Rights.
There is no advantage at this time, except for aping the political class and its lackeys, in introducing such totalitarian ideologies. Damned are those who go against the dictates of the ruling classes, the system.  “Justice”- nothing more than a servile assistant – is crumbling under the weight of the cruelty and cynicism required to sustain our corrupt, spineless & cowardly regime, slave to the CRIF and with a destiny utterly shackled to a dominant and conquering Zionist lobby.
There are countless victims of France’s  witch hunt, reminiscent of the Inquisitiion!  Teachers suspended or laid off for not toeing the “kosher” line, the only Institutionally approved rule book.  The slightest deviation from the “rules” or an expression that does not comply is immediately crushed.  A call went out and was relayed by a slavish media to reveal those who “would not be Charlie”.  Soon that will be a crime equivalent to the Quenelle.
Newspapers who are effectively owned by the lobby ( Jewish for those who wish to wake from this nightmare) and who would be ruined without it, disseminate hatred of Muslims and call for their destruction without the risk of even a raised eyebrow from the authorities.  Naturally any humorous or sarcastic comment about the “people who have suffered so much”, the Jews,  is banned and punished with the utmost severity.
The most flagrant abuse of power is the legal harassment that condemns youths to prison for having simply screamed their disgust and battered their fists against the wall of injustice and blatant inequality in a France that rejects them, oppresses them and converts them into delinquents destined to offend.  They are supposed to shut their mouths, fade into the background, submit, swallow their anger.  And when eventually, they explode under this pressure, the police and the army crack down on them viciously and mercilessly.
In 1983, which now seems prehistoric, Muslims marched peacefully in the streets, hands held out to their adopted country to ask only for recognition of their rights as citizens and to be able to give the best of themselves within a free and equal society.  But the forces of darkness didn’t see it that way.  When I say dark forces, I am speaking of the power that is hidden behind the public masks ~ who have no interest in this integration and brotherhood.  The CRIF, BHL, Patrick Cohen, Frédéric Haziza, and all the Jewish-Zionist mafia, and their minions, the Hollandes, the Valls, the Sarkozys have all conspired to maintain the Muslim community’s dependence,  obscurantism and oppression.
They appear to have succeeded. Zionism has never been so powerful as now. Cukierman believes himself the master of France and Netanyahu master of the world.
But let them be under no illusion, the people are waking up!  History is no hollywood movie that has a guaranteed happy ending.  The tragedy is that the colonialists never grasp that fact until its too late.  I am reflecting on the Judeo-Zionists, drunk on victory!  Their supreme arrogance and insolence will come full circle. Above all they should not forget the cynicism of political leaders that has heralded their downfall many times throughout history.
Jacob Cohen

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