Helric Fredou Suicide: Important updates from Panamza.

Panamza, independent French media outlet, has contacted Helric Fredou’s mother in order to update the mysterious suicide case of the Police Commissioner who was investigating the Charlie Hebdo attack.

According to Fredou’s mother, “I asked for a copy of the autopsy and I was told I would not be given it”
On the 16th January, Panamza published the troubling testimony of Fredou’s sister, 9 days later Panamza contacted Fredou’s mother in order to continue their inquiries
Fredou’s mother said she was “hugely shocked” that French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve had not contacted the family to proffer his condolences.  She said Cazeneuve had always had an excellent relationship with her son.  From 2010 to 2012 the two men worked together in Cherbourg.  Cazeneuve, as deputy mayor and Fredou as Police Commissioner.  “I really hope that one day our paths will cross and I can personally tell him how disappointed I am” added Fredou’s mother.
Equally there has been no reaction from the Elysee:  Helric Fredou was in charge of – amongst others – Correze and most notably Tulle, where Francois Hollande came from originally.
The following is a review of the phone call to Fredou’s mother, made by Panamza on Saturday 24th January:-
Panamza have highlighted 7 points..
1.  According to Fredou’s mother the police who interviewed her told her categorically that she would not have access to the autopsy report.  The penal procedure code, reads that in the case of a judicial autopsy (for suicide or a suspect death) all family members are entitled to ask for it.  Meaningless apparently is the message received by a grieving mother who simply “wants to know the truth”.
2.  Helric Fredou’s service revolver was not equipped with a silencer.  His mother therefore logically asked why none of his colleagues had heard the shot that would have been around midnight.  The laconic reply ” his office is well soundproofed”
3.  According to his mother, Helric Fredou wanted to make an important phone call after doing two other things:  he had debriefed his three investigators who had gone to talk to the family of one of the Charlie Hebdo victims (the parents of Jeanette Bougrab – self proclaimed girlfriend of Charb) and then he had checked something on social media.  It was after these two actions that Fredou must have made such an important conclusion that “he wanted to continue working”.  It is important to note that the police officer on duty that night (unnamed) had wanted to carry out the debriefing but Fredou insisted that he do it, replying that it “was his job”.  Helric Fredou’s superior is Gil Friedman.
gil friedman boss

4.  According to the police, Helric Fredou put the barrel of the gun to his forehead and the bullet stayed inside his brain.

5.  Fredou’s mother spoke with the Fredou’s doctor on the 22nd January and he REFUSED to validate the “depression” or “burn out” image of Fredou that was being circulated by the police and media.

6.  The mother asked who did her son make his final phone call to.  The police told her ” we cannot know” before they finally told her that in fact no phone call had been made.

7.  Four Police Directors came from Paris expressly for the purpose of persuading Fredou’s family of his suicide and to offer their condolences.

It is also worth noting that apart from Panamza, not one single media outlet has contacted Fredou’s family since the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

Another fact to add at this point is that Fredou’s direct superior, Gil Friedman does not appear to have made one statement regarding Fredou’s “suicide” and he is now focused on a series of cyber attacks allegedly being carried out by Islamist factions in the region that have targeted local radio and media outlets.  From the reports on Friedman’s interviews on the subject, it is clear that he is working closely with Manuel Valls on suppressing any kind of “alarmism” regarding the Charlie Hebdo attack.

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