Chapel Hill Shooting ~ “We don’t need more hate in this world, we need more love.” by Dilshad Abbas Kazmi

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“Three lives were taken and the anchors and news stayed glued to stories that would make more money.

But we are global.

We are a single community of lovers, of open hearted, heads bowed prayers.

We do not need the media on our side for we will not be asked of what they did or did not do. We only seek for Allah. I know that He saw the injustice and that is more than the heavens and earth could ever offer.

We stand for justice whether it be Muslim or otherwise, because love does not discriminate.

Maybe coverage is biased these days, but we the people run the media now, we the truth seekers carry the responsibility of bringing truth to all people, to all places, for all people, for all faiths and races.

Today it happens to be Muslims that were forgotten by the news, 3 souls taken in cold blood but tomorrow it will be another faith another race that will be attacked.

It was once the Jews that were persecuted, it was once the African Americans that were enslaved, today Islam is up. But this only means we have the opportunity to create space for compassion for all those persecuted before us and all those that may come after.

Our only focus should be to spread the truth. Not in hate, not in anger, but in a deep reverence praying for the souls of the three magnificent creations of Allah that were taken back to the arms of the Divine.

They stood for beautiful causes and so they did not die for nothing. Today our hearts are heavy but the wick of our souls passion is ever more bright, ever more burning to make this life, this world filled with more light.

Please take a moment of silence and pray the Fatiha for Deah Shaddy Barakat, Yusor Mohammad, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha. And I also pray for the shooter, I pray that he is guided to the right way.

We don’t need more hate in this world, we need more love.”

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