Sayyed Nasrallah ~ to those Who Criticize Hezbollah on Syria Fight: Join Us..

Bismillah and al hamdullilah Asalamu “ala Muhammad , Greetings to all on this noble occasion that of the Martyrs’ leaders

In your name i present my condolences to the families of Coptic victims of Egypt , to their families and the Church

Umm Yaser and Hussein and Sayyed Abbas and Sheikh Ragheb and Hajj Imad , we commemorate them for the future and for our children

because of this period of history from 1948 to the Palestinian Resistance to the war on Lebanon to the Iranian revolution is a very rich period that should be referred to in order to understand the present

This period with its great sacrifices and the leaders were its witnesses . And we need to go back to these leaders as an inspiration and a model to learn from them courage and wisdom and humbleness and trust and hope and insight .

The leaders always spoke not about Israel withdrawing from Lebanon but Israel leaving Palestine

for this reason we remember them because they form a real school of thought and we learn from them patience and forbearance and steadfastness
This is the first generation of the Freedom fighters after them came generation after generation

From this tribune, Jihad Mughniyye stood to declare his commitment and his choice and he chose to go to the Golan Heights and we felt that Leader ‘Imad is being remembered in his son

Locally , on the occasion of what happened 10 years ago i present my condolences to the Hariri family and to all those who fell in this terrible incident.

We call for a national strategy to fight terrorism , since we agree on fighting Terror while we don’t agree on fighting Israel unfortunately .

i thank those who refrained from shooting

This fight needs ton be followed up . we agree on the security measures taken in the Bekaa because the area had become infested and we support this security plan.

We need to speak about the development of the area to help people live with
dignity. Find a solution for those who are wanted for trifles that they committed and the fate of those should be decided

After the bad weather , the Lebanese should find what to do with al NUSRAT and ISIS who are in the vicinity of ‘Irsal

The men of the Moqawama are awoken and watching over us and the Syrian and the LEBANESE ARMY, we salute them all

We call for consecrating the understanding with general Aoun and will seek a broader understanding that includes all

We should find a solution to the presidential problem, and assure the proper functioning of the government . We will continue the talks with the Hariri people and try to establish dialogue with all.

There are two points of view: that of self distancing from everything because Lebanon cannot afford it being a small country

The other point of view is that this is not possible this self distancing because this is one region and Lebanon is exposed to everything that happens in the region and now it is the whole region that is affecting all and the whole world is being involved and affected and Lebanon cannot isolate itself and is part of the whole

What happens in the region concerns directly Lebanon
Some people criticize our position regarding Bahrain and they have no right to do so when they have themselves smuggled weapons and thugs to Syria

the only thing we did is support the Bahraini movement and told them to stick to peaceful protests

A new danger are the Takfiris and at their head ISIS which is a threat to all ,
Now the whole world agrees that ISIS is a global threat .All but Israel consider it thus because whatever ISIS does serve Israel , the way the Jordanian pilot was burnt and the way the Egyptian victims were killed

ISIS appointed now two emirs one to Mekka and one to Medina and they want to invade Rome . Look behind ISIS for the Mossad and the CIA and the British secret services

ISIS is 350km away from Italy and Italy wants to take measures while Isis in Lebanon is few km away

Everywhere there is a threat . These crimes are definitely made in Hollywood . We ask that the governments work together to defeat ISIS

the armies the government the people and the scholars are all concerned . Any practice that is inhuman cannot belong to religion

This battle is to defend Islam . we consider ourselves defending the religion of the Prophet while facing ISIS and we are ready to go all the way to defend the Religion . All Muslims are invited to defend their Religion

This level of criminality is not bearable anymore and something should be done about it . Al Nusrat and ISIS are one .

Jordan cannot fight ISIS and support al Nusrat in the Golan Heights at the same time

the two priorities are to face the Zionist threat and the takfiri threat
In Iraq, they stopped ISIS from reaching Kuwait and KSA and the Iraqi army and the Popular Crowd protected gulf countries

There is a true Revolution in Yemen and the Gulf countries failed in Yemen because they tried to buy people and the Yemeni commitment is to fight al Qa’ida and therefore they will protect gulf countries . Gulf countries should not interfere in Yemen
Lebanon and Syria should coordinate and KSA should permit this
US has no interest in finishing ISIS and is using ISIS to destroy the whole region and ISIS will remain a threat until the US presidential elections

We should not rely on the US or on the International community or NATO . We should do like our leaders and take the initiative

ISIS was defeated in Iraq and in Syria .To those who ask us to withdraw from Syria we ask them to come with us to Syria and to Iraq and let us go to any place where there is threat because this is how we protect Lebanon

I call before the snow melts in the locations where al Nusrat and al Qa’ida stay to coordinate with the Syrian Army to fight Terror and with the Syrian government to solve the issue of the refugees

We have bore the responsibility since long of defending Lebanon and we will continue on this path, the path of our leader Martyrs .

Sayyed has concluded his speech

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