Pledge of Resistance ~ Saul Williams

We believe that it is our
responsibility to resist the injustices
done by our government,
in our names.
Not in our name
will you wage endless war
there can be no more deaths
no more transfusions
of blood for oil.
Not in our name
will you invade countries
bomb civilians, kill more children
letting history take its course
over the graves of the nameless.
Not in our name
will you erode the very freedoms
you have claimed to fight for.
Not by our hands
will we supply weapons and funding
for the annihilation of families
on foreign soil.
Not by our mouths
will we let fear silence us.
Not by our hearts
will we allow whole peoples
or countries to be deemed evil.
Not by our will
and Not in our name.
We pledge resistance.
We pledge alliance with those
who have come under attack
for voicing opposition to the war
or for their religion or ethnicity.
We pledge to make common cause
with the people of the world
to bring about justice,
freedom and peace.
Another world is possible
and we pledge to make it real.

– Saul Williams, Pledge of Resistance

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