NWO Chaos Strategy – Manufactured Terrorism ~ by Daniel Mabsout

Written in 2014.


The attack on the Ladikiyya Syrian province through the border opening of Kassab has been carried on by mercenaries who come basically from Chechnya . More than 2 thousand mercenaries shared in the attack and were covered and monitored by the Turkish army .

While the enemy was expected from the South, from Jordan through Dar’a and then- as usual – to the vicinity of Damascus , the enemy attacked this time from the north , from the only border crossing with Turkey that was still in Syrian hands . Erdogan proceeded after getting a US green light . The large number of Chechnyans among the mercenaries shows that another green light might have been obtained from Russia this time . Who knows? As we know him , Putin would love to get rid of Chechnyans by dumping them in the Syrian battle and Putin is known for exploiting situations to his own benefit and at others’ expenses . It is enough to remember the ride he took the Syrians on, in both rounds of Geneva 2 , for the purpose of promoting himself internationally .

This last move against Syria was necessary for Erdogan to win the Municipality elections and to secure his future as the head of the Turkish state, and to show his support to Europe and the US- in the conflict over Ukraine- without displeasing too much Russia- his biggest trade partner .

This war on Syria, nourished from all sides, seems to have no end because , how to come to terms with what they call terrorism when those pretending to be fighting it- like US and Saudia have created it and are nourishing it and catering to it directly or indirectly? Though Syria is winning the battle on the ground and on all fronts , this war is not meant to end soon and this because , after the chemical weapons deal, the war against NATO and the world Order became a war against Gulf sponsored terrorism .This war is being declared almost everywhere whether in Iraq, or Syria or Egypt and now Libya and even in Lebanon, everyone is busy fighting the terrorist wherever this so called terrorist is found and without being able to define him or identify him properly.

In most cases, the terrorist is being locally or regionally produced. In Lebanon , he was either allowed in, or locally recruited and financed and trained and given official covering and protection. Terrorists are simply hired people . Except for very few, they do not have a special religious understanding or ideology . They keep the bare minimum of religious knowledge- or religious ignorance- because it is merely a verbal knowledge that they do not themselves understand.

These” terrorists” – depending on the need- could be produced in industrial quantities and they are people the World Order wants to get rid of and has no problem having them killed in great numbers , fulfilling thus another goal, that is eugenic this time, by hitting two birds with the same stone .

For this reason, this World Sponsored War on World Sponsored Terrorism cannot end because terrorists are the people themselves , they are unprivileged Arabs and Muslims from the Arab and Muslim world living unfavorable material, mental and spiritual conditions which is the case of the majority among us . They form an inexhaustible source of “potential” terrorists and could be easily found and sent to battle after being indoctrinated and trained.

Terrorism – as produced by the World Order- is a market product and subject to the market’s rules and its production is proportionate to its consumption . The more one fights terrorism and consumes this World Order Product, the more the product increases in order to meet the demand . Terrorism and anti terrorism were born together and simultaneously on the two sides of the same coin . There was no other way to protect Israel from the rising armed Resistance that was reaping victory after victory except by keeping Arabs and Muslims busy fighting one another .

Since the fall of the two towers, this has been the general policy . Besides Resistance versus occupation , there shall be Terrorism versus anti terrorism . Terrorism has become something threatening to all, that should be fought by all, for the benefit of the World Order, and at the expense of the poor of this world who will have to put aside their Resistance in favor of terrorism and anti terrorism .

Promoting both terrorism and anti terrorism has become a way for presidents and rulers to acquire recognition . It is the price paid by the rulers in Gulf countries- for example- and in Jordan and Turkey also in order to remain in power and be spared the fate of Mubarak of Egypt and Ben “Ali of Tunisia . Every president or minister who wants to remain in power has to pay his share – one way or another – and cater to terrorism , and this is true of Lebanon – as well- other wise how to explain the fact that our ex Prime Minister- who is a billionaire business man- has to spend so much money on keeping few terrorist factions in Tripoli itself? And why Erdogan needed so much to launch this war in order to secure his political future ? Erdogan would not have won these elections had he not engaged fully in the last attack on Syria. Similarly, the Gulf monarchs could not keep their thrones had they not fully committed themselves to nurturing terrorism .

All these rulers have volunteered to serve the masters of this world and provide the fuel for the war against the Resistance and keep the Resistance busy fighting the masses who- other wise- should have been among its adherents and supporters and who now have become its enemies seeking to deviate the Resistance from its goal . This new set up will have for purpose to marginalize the righteous demands of the people and their quest for justice in favor of the terrorist anti terrorist conflict .

Is there a way out of this maze? Yes there is ! The source of terrorism should be identified instead of its false flag appearances and inexhaustible tools . The Industry of terrorism is a false flag industry which should be related to its original manifestation . A reorientation of the struggle towards the real enemy should take place . Our kith and kin are not our real enemy even if employed in this way, Our real enemy is too well known and this whole set up has been created in order to keep us busy and away from rallying and uniting against him .

Chaos Strategy in action..

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