The Muslim Heroes Ignored by Mainstream Media.

Heroes Come in Three’s

Anders Breivik, a Norwegian radical Right-wing Christian, was inspired by people like Robert Spencer, Pamela Gellar and Brigitte Gabriel who say Muslims are violent and want to kill people. He wrote a manifesto naming these hatemongers, and others like them, claiming that Muslims were “taking over”. [1]

So what was his solution? He killed 77 people and wounded 151. Most of his victims were Christians from the political left. Many of them were teenagers.

The only people who stood up to him were 3 Muslim teenagers who, like David against Goliath, began throwing stones at him. One hit Breivik hard in the head and he finally shot and killed one of the three. The other two, Movsar Zyamaev and Rustam Daudov, fled and went on to save 23 people during the massacre. [2] When Movsar called his father from his cell phone, his father urged him to be brave and stay and to try and save as many people as he could.

Their heroism was reported by RT, NBC News, the Associated Press and Reuters. Almost no other news outlets picked up on the story.

Anders Breivik proudly turned himself in and said his attack was directed towards Norway’s Labour Party because they were allowing Muslims to take over the country. Sound familiar? Dangerously.

He eventually pleaded insanity but was convicted on terrorism charges and sentenced to just 21 years in prison (though there are appeals to keep him in prison for life). Even though he was convicted for terrorism, he is referred to in the media mostly as a “Mass Killer” or “Mass Murderer”. He is almost never referred to as a “terrorist”.

And Muslims are the problem? A Rubik’s Cube can never be solved if you focus on just one color.

[1] “Writers Cited in Breivik Manifesto Have Spoken at US Military Colleges as Anti-Terrorism Experts”, by Chris Rodda of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation Writers Cited in Breivik Manifesto Have Spoken at US Military Colleges as Anti-Terrorism Experts

[2] “Report: Teens Threw Stones at Norway Mass Killer”  Report: Teens throw stones at mass killer.

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