France: A love affair with Zionism ~ by Jacob Cohen

Jacob Cohen.  Paris March 2015

Jacob Cohen. Paris March 2015

” Come on French Goyim!  You are not showing enough love for the Jews.”

This is the accusation hurled in our direction by French media outlets and political representatives.

The UN will soon be creating a Universal Day ( even in outer space) to ensure our allegiance.  Every civilised country will come into line.  France will of course lead the way.  The privilege accorded to our country is to be considered as the eldest daughter of Zionism.

I know love cannot be forced, but come on French “Goyim”, make an effort!  Think of these eminent figures of modern Judaism!  Bernard Henri Levy, Alain Finkelkraut, Alexandre Adler, Roger Cukierman, Patrick Cohen, Frédéric Haziza, Maurice Lévy, Yvan Attal, Arthur, etc.  Such attractive propositions?  Then, internationally, we are spoilt for choice:  Netanyahu, Kissinger, Rothschild, Goldman etc.  Such benefactors to Humanity!!

I ask myself also, why our governments are enforcing these demands to the point where we cant withstand the pressure.  Are they so afraid that the Goyim dont have enough love for the jews? Dont tell me that they could possibly hate them, its impossible and in any case, its forbidden by the law!

Those who know the law tell me that such an offence is inconceivable.  Certainly,  if we respect the general principles of law, and if we refuse to legitimise the thought police.  Even if that were not acceptable…then what!?  France.  The country of the revolution, the rights of Man, her famous motto,  and above all her stubborn adherence to secularism.

Despite all this, we must not forget!  Nothing is too good for these elite citizens of our country.  They have already subjugated the Arab world.  There is not one Mufti in the Arab world who truly stands against the Zionist ravages, just rhetoric without great impact against the tide of their destruction.  Thanks also to the Zionist army of Sayanim , they hold most countries hostage, wherever they reside.

I am sure you are aware of Stockholm syndrome.  The process whereby hostages fall in love with their captors after a period of time.  Zionism has taken Goyims hostage worldwide, they are no longer free to decide their own fate, and under the effects of this Stockholm syndrome, they will accept these conditions and even embrace them.

The fly in the ointment is that among these goyim, are a few brave men and women who refuse to succumb and who are sowing the seeds of revolt.  The system, controlled by those they should pay homage to, has worked hard to demonize these revolutionaries, they have been condemned by a prostituted justice system, but to no avail.  They resist!

To combat this mutiny, a new concept has been created ( they are capable of anything, we know this by now) that is more related to a love affair than to the law, they have created and appropriated “hate”.  Dare to talk about the Zionist influence in cinema, media, advertising, banks and you will be accused of “hate”.  Criticise the CRIF dinner and the same outcry.  Mention how rules only apply in one direction and this is “hate speech”.

When we mention “hate”, we are trained to think of the jews.  Only they can demand to be loved and not to be “hated”.  To mislead the masses, the political and media minions, occasionally add, without really believing it, that we must not hate Muslims publicly either, at least not in principle.

One example:  The journalist (question mark!) Tesson, a true blue Frenchman, ally of Zionism, announced on TV:  “It is the Muslims who are bringing this shit to France”.  Of course, nothing happened.  He reappeared on TV, as if nothing had happened, “he has such a nice face” we were told by the public.

Now, readers, lets replace “Muslims” with “Jews”.  So he would have said “it is the Jews who are bringing this shit to France!”.  Can you imagine the seismic shock that would hit France, the world!? Look at how they treated Dumas!  Imagine the towering rage of Cukierman.  Netanyahu would have been invited to France so that the Republic could apologise.

Despite their privileged position “France without Jews, would not be France.  When a jew is hurt, the whole Republic hurts”, jews apparently still dont feel loved.  Bizarre! Is this a tactic to increase domination without paying the price?  Does their historical suffering absolve them of their crimes of abuse worldwide?

So, my friends, goyim of France. Shame on you!  Give a little..give a little more love to those who are starved of it.”

Synagogue in Gennevilliers, Paris.  Under armed guard since the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Synagogue in Gennevilliers, Paris. Under armed guard since the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

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