US Anti-tank Drone Downed in Latakia, Syria.

Report from Latakia resident Lilly Martin Sahiounie.

March 17, 2015: Latakia, Syria. At about 7:30 PM local Syrian time (GMT +2) the Syrian Air Defense system shot down an American drone.

This was an unmanned aircraft called MQ1. This specific drone carried anti-tank weapons, for the purpose to destroying tanks used by military.

The local residents of the beach area called Ibn Hani and Ras as Shemra (just north of Latakia city) saw the Syrian missiles fired at the drone, and then looking at the sky they saw the drone explode. As it was coming down, it hit the top corner of a house.

No one was injured in the house, or on the ground. I actually heard the explosion from far away. It is my theory that this drone was looking for information about the Syrian Army position and success in the area called Selma, just east of Latakia. It is possible that this drone had orders to fire on the Syrian tanks, thus helping the Free Syrian Army and their allies such as Al Qaeda, Jibhat al Nusra and other Radical Islamic terrorists.

The Obama government support the terrorists and have helped them for 4 years. This drone has nothing to do with the US fight on ISIS, which is hundreds of kilometers away from Latakia, and has no relationship to the drone being shot down.

The photo shown is an actual photo from the wreckage in Latakia.

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