A DARK FUTURE FOR MAN ~ by Daniel Mabsout.

What is in store for humanity is other than what seems, and is wrong who thinks that this is Palestine or Syria or Iraq , or that the problem is restricted to Arabs and Muslims. It is the whole world that is implicated in what will happen and not just a spot here and a spot there .

In comparison to what is in store for man and for humanity, the Palestinian problem or the Syrian or the Iraqi seems minimal, and even marginal , because what will happen is of an unimaginable size and scope that will involve all with no exceptions, and we need an encompassing universal view to figure out what is really taking place .

Have we ever asked ourselves where do we live? In what kind of World we live and who rules us and why and in what direction are we heading ? The truth is that we live in a big arsenal . The biggest arsenal ever designed especially by Uncle Sam and his partners of the World Order, by the ingenious masters minds and scientists of our era who put knowledge at the service of evil .

Knowledge and Science in this civilization of progress and advancement are meant to serve evil . And what is being displayed in front of our eyes is the work of evil . This killing of innocents, of children age 6 coming out of school on a school day about to be picked up by their mothers at the front gate , of children in play grounds enjoying the feast like what happened yesterday in Iraq .

Who would kill a child playing with his mates , running on the beach or rushing to meet his mother at the school’s gate? Who will kill such a child for no reason because he is Palestinian or Syrian or Iraqi ? The evil World Order will . The evil World Order will kill all children and and will send his F16 and F21 to hunt them down the streets . . An F16 tracking children and killing them and we have seen this with our own eyes .

Can the World Order explain this ? Is there an explanation for this ? Is this why this scientific progress and technical innovations have been promoted on which we have indiscriminately embarked with our children ? We are sitting on the biggest arsenal that ever existed that is ready to explode any time and is controlled by an evil administration that has no ethics or morals that is depraved in its character and degenerate.

This evil world administration is seconded by other local evil administrations, and the disease has spread to each country and each country has ended up with a corrupt government . Our governments are corrupt , and our countries are exposed, and our rulers are helping the enemy take hold of us .

We have to know that this is the truth , this is a genocidal civilization that we have become part of and have become exposed to and exposed our children as well . Today ISIS and tomorrow one of its sisters made of ex convicts and thugs and looters that speak and act in the name of religion .

ISIS is the label of this civilization, and ISIS is the advancement and progress we believed in and embraced and claimed, and ISIS is today what awaits all those who catered to this civilization of death and genocide.

It is time that we wake up from this dream that has turned into a nightmare, and get to know the kind of conditions we live in. What is happening to our children has happened and something worse awaits other children and will happen to all children. Contaminated vaccines have killed 30 Syrian children that were probably intentionally smuggled into Aleppo, and the Pentagon has now developed a vaccine that will modify the behavior of all children which they will try on their own and on others . And the UN that is part of the conspiracy on man will not say anything and will facilitate the mission of the evil doers like it always did .

And they will tell you that this is the nature of man, that man is prone to evil and has always been like this since the beginning of times . This is what their scientists believe and want us to believe, that the evil is within us and not in Uncle Sam’s World Order. This way , we can share responsibility and get what we deserve .
But this is not so . Man is not prone to evil and we are not prone to evil because we want to live in peace and raise our children and look after our families and carry on our various duties without too many problems . And we’d rather not hurt anyone or anything because we know that by not hurting anyone we protect better ourselves and our children and our endeavors .

The civilization of ISIS should be totally discarded and eradicated , should be exposed and denounced by all means in all its shapes and forms and varieties . It should be checked and brought under the control of the good intentioned ones , of the forces of Resistance in this world who are rallying against the evil doers. Let us all as a first step dissociate – at least on the mental level with this civilization of Terror and resist it with everything we’ve got, and rally with all the forces of the Resistance on the ground.

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