Syrian Fact in response to HRW Fiction: Alleged chlorine gas attack on Idlib 16/3/2015

Chlorine gas attack on Idlib area alleged to have occurred March 16, 2015 ~ as reported by HRW, BBC, Fox News, CNN and all other Empire mouthpieces.   The following is an account from within Syria:


“I have no evidence to present to confirm this attack, or to confirm who were the criminals who carried out such a possible attack.  However, I can explain who might have done it, if it occurred, and who would gain the most.

When we watch CSI, or any other popular TV detective program, the investigators always ask several initial questions.  Firstly, who had the motive for this crime?  In other words, who would gain the most for the result of the crime?  Secondly, who had the opportunity to commit this crime?  For example, who was in the area and had access to the murder scene and weapons?

I would answer to the first query: it was the Free Syrian Army, or their co-horts Jibhat al Nusra, Al Qaeda, or ISIS.  At this point, those 4 groups are together, and indistinguishable from each other.  They are all united and working together, so it is impossible to give one name to them.  We can’t say they are Syrian ‘rebels’ since they are not all Syrian.  Let me use a blanket term of ‘terrorists’.    The FSA became very famous for staging a massacre just at the time the UN Security Council would be meeting.  One of the first documented cases of FSA staging a massacre was Houla.   It got to be such a known formula for them that we would all say to each other, “Well, a massacre will happen either today or tomorrow, since the UN SC has already announced they would meet about Syria tomorrow.”  It was like clock-work.  We could expect a massacre to occur, and it would all be blamed on the Syrian government.  The FSA used these massacres of their own making as a very effective tool for media and UN outrage.

The terrorists have seen they are losing, and have no hope of winning.  They know they need a “Red Line” to get the international community, such as USA, to take action which would be against the Syrian government, and thus their side in the fight would benefit.  They can’t use Sarin anymore, since it has been taken away, so they are using chemicals which are still available for use, and they blame it on the Syrian government.

The activists are all terrorist supporters.  The information coming to the UN and BBC and the rest of the media internationally, is all from one source: that of the official propaganda machine used by the terrorists.   We don’t hear from any Idlib area residents who have been raped, maimed, made homeless and stolen from by the terrorists.  We need to hear their side of the story.   If you ask the Idlib residents, who are now sleeping in tents in Latakia, “Who made you leave your home?”   They answer: “The armed terrorists.”

The videos, the interviews and heart-wrenching stories are all coming from a well rehearsed and successful propaganda machine.  Where is the truth?

The activists claim the Syrian government is the only group with helicopters, and because the barrel bombs were thrown from Syrian government helicopters, that proves the chlorine attack was from the Syrian government forces.

However, that is not the case.  In the morning attack on Kassab, Syria on March 21, 2014 it was Turkish military helicopters which began the attack.  That morning 88 unarmed civilians were killed, and 13 of those beheaded.  The Turkish military assisted the FSA, Jibhat al Nusra, and Al Qaeda that morning with heavy canon fire and helicopter missiles shot at the Kassab police station.   Idlib is also on the Turkish border.  Turkish helicopters could be used.  However, we know that Syrian air forces and military are in fact attacking Idlib, so I don’t expect it was Turkish helicopters that eye witnesses saw in Idlib in March 2015.  However, I must bring up the fact that Turkey does use helicopters to assist in killing unarmed Syrian civilians.  This is a well documented fact.

The BBC reporter mentioned that chlorine is not an effective weapon because the open air and atmosphere, with wind and such, will not make chorine effective, unless it could be used in a closed place.  Dropping a barrel into a closed space seems almost impossible by description.    You would need a closed room, full of people, who could not open a window or door, and then place the chlorine gas inside, and make sure no window or door were opened.  All of that is impossible from a helicopter.  Additionally, it is springtime in Syria, and everyone has their doors and windows open frequently.  It is not snowing outside, the weather is mild.

The attack in Damascus countryside in August 2013 was not proven by any international group of investigators to be the work of the Syrian government.  Just the opposite, many facts came to light which point to the FSA and others.  There were eye witness reports linking both Turkey and Saudi Arabia to the attack.

We should remember back as to how and why the UN investigators happened to be in Damascus at the exact time of the attack in August 2013.   This again was a staged attack by FSA and their co-horts to attract UN attention, and thus international condemnation and outrage against the Syrian government.   The attack on Khan al Assal in March 2013 was the reason the UN investigators came to Damascus in August 2013.  The Syrian government had requested many times for their presence in Syria, to go to the area next to Aleppo, a small farming town called Khan al Assal.  The civilians there had been supportive of the Syrian government, and had repelled a serious attack on their town by FSA.  The Syrian government troops came to have a small garrison stationed there to protect the citizens from further attacks.

The FSA had been previously making YouTube videos in which they had been killing rabbits using chlorine gas, they even showed the name of the product, which was made in Turkey and was industrial grade chlorine powder.    We had thought these You Tube videos they produced and uploaded was just a boast, and a form of psychological warfare on civilians.

Then Khan Al Assal was attacked.  The residents came flooding into Syrian government hospitals, which offer free medical care.  The state owned media was dispatched from Aleppo and was soon reporting live inside the hospital.   The reporter (Chady Helawi) was asking for eye witness reports from those in the hospital.  They said they smelled something, and many died, and the animals outside died as well.  Later, we saw the village and it was true, there were dead bodies and dead animals all around.  The Syrian government began immediately requesting the UN investigators to please come to see Khan al Assal and find out what had happened.  But, the UN never came.  They said it was too dangerous.  However, by August 2013 they sent a team of investigators to Damascus.  No sooner had they unpacked their bags at the hotel, then the infamous Sarin attack happened.

In conclusion, I cannot prove who did this Chlorine attack in Idlib March 2015.    It would seem to bear the hallmarks of a FSA staged massacre, for the benefit of the UN Security Council meeting.”

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