HRW Fiction award or the Wizard of Oz is working for Empire.

I would like to share this with you. Tweeted by Dr Annie Sparrow who, if you didnt know, is wife of HRW’s director Ken Roth wink emoticon. So no collusion there? This was tweeted on the 12th April and was blatantly claimed to be proof of the use of Chlorine by the SAA as a “weapon of terror”.

Now anyone with even one brain cell can see that this picture is fake.

Here are some comments on the photo from chemical experts:

“What a ridiculous photo! It doesn’t even look like Nitrogen Oxides, such as you get after an ammonium nitrate explosion. ( Which I have seen when using Amm nitrate/Diesel mixture to blast rock for road making) It’s true that this has been used, and by terrorists in the past for big truck bombs, and has now been banned as a fertiliser because of it, but I don’t think today’s terrorists bother with it; there are plenty of better things available it seems.

However it is obviously, quite obviously NOT chlorine, which I believe in any case would not behave like this, going up into the air. While we can’t tell from this photo whether it is photoshopped, I would say it must be, even though the coloured cloud may be from an air strike or other explosion. If I wanted to create such an image I’d bring the coloured cloud in from somewhere else as it would be much easier to select out.”

“It looks fake, and even secure bio said so. What it is, not sure – probably just a smoke generating machine with yellow color. The only alteration I could see is an overall yellow-orange-shift. I fixed it so the white building is white and sky is blue again. Looks about the same – color a bit less orange and slightly closer to a chlorine color, but still too orange, too thick and vivid – it’s just a bit more evident by contrast (didn’t save the result, nothing that amazing). Anyway, still not a chlorine expert, but I think it’s pretty clearly fake, and probably fair enough to taunt any idiot that promoted this.”

Cheryl Rofer @cherylrofer Apr 12
@SecureBio @EliotHiggins Color (if photo is correct) is of nitrogen oxides.


Now this was tweeted by the illustrious Dr Sparrow and of course retweeted by her husband Ken Roth and then retweeted by hundreds who are failing to engage brain on Syria.

It should also be noted that no mention of this particular alleged chemical attack has been made since. So their malicious intent must be evident.

This is wizard of oz manipulation of the facts and rather like the scarecrow, we need to go in search of a brain to disentangle fact from fantasy, or like the lion, go in search of the courage to withstand the propaganda storm, or like the tin man, go in search of the heart to stand by Syria rather than peddle the media and NGO lies determined to bring about her downfall.

Follow the yellow brick road…

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