Propaganda alert: The Guardian publishes latest NATO and UK regime war propaganda against Syria

the real Syrian Free Press

The racist white supremacist British propagandists really do insult people’s intelligence bunging a few quid the way of their latest self appointed ‘expert’ liar Mr Bill Wiley to produce an inflammatory anti-Syrian government hit piece.

Contrary to the cowardly NATO tools at CIJA, we openly showed evidence of the British regime committing Genocide right outside the British Parliament, and it is our civilian resistance who have genuinely pioneered the concept of Universal Jurisdiction being applied to the British regime before a High Court jury in Britain.

front page propaganda from the foreign office published by the far from ‘progressive’ guardian that is criminal because it’s express purpose is that syrian civilians are murdered by nato

The insurmountable legal ‘difficulty’ NATO et al have is that the true starting point in their brutal war on Syria is this.

It is NATO and it’s allies who have never had any legal grounds

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