Al Mayadeen TV interviewed Farooq Al Qaddoumi ~ Secretary General of Fatah Central Committee.


Today, Al Mayadeen Tv interviewed Brother Farooq Al Qaddoumi / Farouk al-Kaddoumi “also known as Abu al-Lutf, is Secretary-general of Fatah’s central committee …”

Brother Abu Al-Lutf was very clear and stated the following:

“PLO and Hamas were wrong in supporting the Saudi aggression against Yemen

The Liberation of Palestine, we must support Syria and resolve the Arab conflicts.

Need for coordination to solve the Yermouk crisis

USA created ISIS and other terrorist groups

I pray for Palestinian reconciliation, Unity of Gaza and West bank and it is very regrettable to continue this division

Is not confirmed yet that Hamas is engaged in secret talks with “Israel”

Syria must return to Arab league

USA is not able and won’t abandon “Israel”, USA will continue supporting it

I have a copy of Meeting’s note between Abbas, Dahlan and Sharon. Sharon asked to poison Arafat

The axis of resistance (Iran, Syria and Hezb Allah) is perfectly able to liberate Palestine

Young Palestinian generation must carry weapons to liberate Palestine

Negotiations with “israel” have failed, If Palestinians don’t use guns, we will not make any progress…

I will not return to Palestine as long there is one “israeli” soldier over there”

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