Drawing Mohammed? ~ Anthony Cartalucci

“Drawing Mohammed?

“It’s real simple…

“While the US & the rest of NATO arms & funds Al Qaeda all over the planet, while also propping up regional state sponsors of terrorism like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey (who is also a NATO member btw), they are also stirring up racism & bigotry back at home for two reasons.

“First all the hatred & fear helps the West justify & garner support for intervening to ‘stop terrorism,’ even if it is of their own creation. Second, how else can you radicalize & recruit people for your mercenary Al Qaeda armies, unless Muslims feel alienated & targeted?

“You have ignorant, easily manipulated people on both sides. Easy to get Westerners to hate & alienate Muslims, easy to get Muslims to radicalize & ship off for Syria or join the FBI/MI5 false flag pipeline.

“The end result is a perpetual strategy of tension exploited to fuel wars abroad, garner support for these wars back home, and ensure the population is good & scared so that corporate-financier monopolies can justify stripping them of their rights & maintaining complete domination over all aspects of people’s lives.

“The real diabolical beauty of this particular strategy of tension is that they can get both the left AND the right to join in together in racist bigotry. For the right, it is easy since many are already racist idiots. For liberals, they exploit their ironically religious hatred of religion. The end result is the left & right witlessly joined together, easily manipulated along this strategy of tension, fueling, not stopping the very source of their own torment.

“If you really want to make a statement against ‘terrorism’ & ‘radicalization,’ try following the money, naming names, and calling out the people actually behind it today instead of maligning an entire religion & peoples.

“The world will get better when we finally grow up. IF we grow up.

“P.S. Real Muslims (hundreds of thousands of them) have died fighting radicals & terrorists armed & funded by the West & their regional proxies in Riyadh, Doha, Tel Aviv, and Ankara. While fat pudgy, self-indulgent slobs in the West draw pictures of Mohammed to mock an entire people & a thousand years of history, Muslims are saying good-bye to their families & joining a front against Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, and others streaming out of Turkey, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia where they are bleeding & dying to make a REAL stand against radicals.”

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