A Voice from Aleppo: The water situation.

“Its 35 degrees centigrade over here.  No water, no electricity.  Fasting, battles and war! Water is life! Without it, we can’t clean, drink, wash… Without it, everything is pale, dry, dusty, smelly and we are thirsty”

“The water crisis in Aleppo is intensifying as the summer temperatures soar into the high 30s.  We are having to boil water and allow it to cool before drinking.  A couple of days ago, Government forces reclaimed water supply from the water sellers who had been cynically profiting from the situation. Government and military officials were distributing 500 litres free to every household which pleased many but obviously annoyed those who had the means to buy more from the water sellers.

The Euphrates is still under terrorist control but some supplies did reach the Sleimaniyye sector of Aleppo where the water distribution centre is located.  From there it still takes at least two days to reach our home.

Water is life! Without it, we can’t clean, drink, wash… Without it, everything is pale, dry, dusty, smelly, and thirsty.

There are many versions of the truth of the water situation, no angels and many villains but this is Human nature.  I personally saw military guys taking peoples IDs and filling in the blue forms to ensure fair distribution of water to every household.  However there are some stories of militias diverting water to their families and friends as a priority.  Its possible but I have not seen it happening and I have to say that every taxi driver I have chatted with over the last 3 days has been more than happy with the government handling of the situation under very difficult circumstances.

Putting law or rules into effect in Syria right now is almost impossible.  People are desperate and will do almost anything to get supplies of water or food.  This crisis destroys ethics and undermines rules but I have seen nothing to suggest that the Government is doing anything other than its best for the people.”

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