Yemen and the silence of the Ummah ~ by Amir Askari Yahyavi

“I think, quite frankly, that the Muslims who are right of mind, reasonable and sound in their senses needed this collective wake-up call and see things for what they are. The historical Alzheimer’s has allowed itself to set too deeply.
“The sway that the Saudis have attained over the vast Sunni constituency, along with its multibillion-dollar investment in promoting Salafism all around the globe has proven, beyond any doubt, that ‘Muslim unity’ is nothing more than a fantasy – Unless that ‘unity’ is achieved by the annihilation of other demographics who don’t qualify according to their criteria.
“Those who don’t seek to speak of ‘sectarianism’ are those who are willfully blind to it. Sectarianism is upon us whether or not we like it and the enemy, accursed be their name, neither wants reconciliation nor is worthy of it, given their bloodthirst, barbaric disposition and ultimately whose errands they run.
“Muslims are silent on Yemen, because like most people all over the planet, they are cluelessly stupid; even noble animals like sheep have some sense of instinct, but the truth is that today’s post-modern man, whether or not he is religious, has rendered himself solely through input and instruction through extensive social conditioning.
“This is why we get to hear the myth of Persian ghosts, in spite of the overwhelming evidence proving the opposite. The myth is supposed to drown out the little-advertised fact that the Americans have helped to impose a blockade upon Yemen which is intended to starve the Yemenis to death.
“Let us be frank with ourselves. This is genocide. We know who is guilty for perpetrating it. We must accept the facts that are on the ground. The onslaught against Yemen is part of a plan to destroy the Yemeni nation, entirely for political gain.
“Of course, this is made more palatable by endlessly showing agitprop about how the Houthis are ‘Iranian-backed terrorists’ 24/7. This most evidently seen among the Sunnis who use the Houthis to deflect any criticism against Daesh, as if the comparison was legitimate in the first place.
“Now that we know what the situation is like and who the culprits are, we can ask ourselves the following question: What can be done at this point?
“Very little, as a matter of fact. The opportunity to have stopped the campaign in Yemen entirely, was entirely missed because of Russia’s and China’s complicity in the UNSC. The fact that Putin even recently met up with the Saudi leadership should prove that virtually no one gives a s**t about Yemen, not even politically.
“Except for big, bad, ‘Majoosi’, ‘fire-worshipping’, ‘Safawiyyah’, ‘Ajami’, ‘Rawafidh’ Iran, which has tried to send aid, first by air and then by sea, only to be refused and made to return.
“What does this really say about the nature of most Muslims? That they are just like everyone else – Exceptionally retarded. By that I mean especially the self-proclaimed Sunnis who seem entirely ignorant of the concept of pluralism, dwelling in far-flung Umayyad nostalgia. And worse, pliable to the worst epistemology on the planet, that of Salafism.
“Nakhshawani was right when he said that the Ahl al-Sunnah is in total disarray and that the Sunni authorities in the al-Azhar (Ironically, in what is a historically Fatimid structure) have had their legitimacy entirely undermined by the likes of that one-eyed dips**t Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Al ash-Sheikh.
“It is through the wanton savaging of Yemen we must see why Saudi Arabia is so afraid of a nuclear Iran. It would mean that their free reign of spreading corruption on Earth would come to an end. It would symbolize the end of an era where despicable Ikhwani barbarians from Najd claimed unwarranted leadership of the Middle East.
“We are witnessing the beginning of the end for the Al-e Saud. The Yemenis are fighting back, showing to the whole world how cowardly the Najdis are, in spite of being armed to the teeth with the latest in Western hardware. However, their enablers, the Anglo-Americans and their Zionist benefactors may again go unpunished for destroying yet another nation.”

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