Syria: Update on the Kafarya & Foua siege

We have received the following update from our brothers and sisters [The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine] in Beirut.  They are following this heart searing situation closely as one brother has family members trapped and terrified inside the villages under constant threat of ground invasion by the monstrous terrorist brigades camped around their homes.


“On official level, it has been announced that the truce will be prolonged till Saturday morning, which makes it overall 72 hours.

However sources from inside Kafarya & Foua reported to us that throughout yesterday the neighborhoods witnessed sporadic shelling by the terrorists after three civilians were killed in the morning attack.  They said:

“Two shells hit the neighbourhood in the afternoon, and streams of gunfire were heard from the side of “Ma’rat Mesreen”, and later at night when we were having dinner, we had to seek refuge in one of the bathrooms again due to the attacks  There are no shelters inside the two villages.

Any available food supplies are very expensive. The vegetables are rare and too expensive also because we are close to the end of its season. Milk and Yogurt are in short supply because many cattle were slaughtered in the Shelling last week, and others are falling sick and we are forced to destroy them because we don’t have any medication for their treatment.”

A man from the village(called Mohamad Sarsar) was able to access his wheat land which is close to the village – in a time where none of the residents are able to reach their lands-, and he harvested the wheat to then distribute it among the families for free so they could survive. The Families ground the wheat using primitive ways to make bread, however the quantity didn’t last long nor did it make even a short term difference.”

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