Update from the Kafayra & Foua terrorist siege, Idlib, Syria.

Update from inside Kafarya and Foua, Idlib from our brothers and sisters in Beirut [ The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine].

“Price of 1kg of cucumber is 3.3$ in a time where money is a rare item given that the residents are not able to receive their salaries. no fruits except peach and is very expensive. No milk for children, and yesterday seemed to be the last run for the water pumps because no more fuel is available. people are cooking using wood, and wood isn‘t available for all the families.

The residents are very worried from the coming winter season, because most houses are either partially or fully destroyed, or are without windows and doors due to the immense shelling by the terrorists. And no repairs could be done within the absence of building supplies and glass.”

The the source then asked worriedly, “Is it possible that we remain under siege till the winter?!”

Mostly the residents live the events and attacks and can report about them, but remain unaware of the news outside, the truces and negotiations and politics related news which are moving the events they are undergoing. And so the people outside are their only source of news when they succeed to get in touch with them via any type of communication method. ”

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