A Syrian view of the refugee “crisis”

A voice from Aleppo 8/9/2015

– The refugee furore in Europe is purely propaganda to justify further NATO intervention in Syria with the Humanitarian shield obscuring their agenda.   It’s like scaring their people “if we didn’t go to war, Europe will be invaded by Muslims, Arabs, Africans, and Asians”.

– Refugees to Europe (and North America and Australia in lesser numbers) never stopped since the end of WWII. Sinking boats filled with illegal refugees never stopped in the last decades, and they used to be either totally ignored or partially shown at the end of the news, just to feel a little pity about that tragedy. The whales who committed suicide on the same shores would have more publicity. So what had changed today to focus on the Syrian refugees?

– a new Syrian refugee who recently arrived in Europe, told my friend over there, that Syrian refugees with him were about 20% of the total refugees on the boats and trains! The rest were from North Africa, Afghanistan, and even from Balkan states (southeastern Europe), yet the mainstream media focus only on Syrian refugees, or worse, call them all Syrian refugees!… I remember watching some news by coincidence showing refugees reaching different areas in Europe, and I thought that they look like Afghanis or Asians. Then I guessed that they might be Kurds? So what does it mean? Does it mean that many nations are taking advantage of the Syrian crisis, and immigrating to Europe as Syrians? From another source, I heard that some Lebanese are doing so right now, going to Europe as Syrian refugees. Some Syrians families did the same in the 80’s, immigrated to Sweden and pretended that they are Lebanese fleeing their civil war….

– Or, European governments do know where these refugees are coming from, but they are turning a blind eye, to make the numbers of the alleged Syrian refugees 10 times more? The game of exaggerated numbers of dead, wounded, and refugees had been played a lot in the last 5 years. When NATO intervened in Libya, they said that “Qaddhafi’s army” had already murdered dozens of thousands of Libyans around Benghazi, and they had to intervene to avoid a massacre of hundreds of thousands. After the toppling of the Libyan state, the real numbers came out. The casualties were around 200-250, half of them were Libyan policemen and pro government officials. Lies in numbers today about the real number of Syrian refugees to Europe is very possible. Maybe few years from now, the real numbers will shown, as one tenth or less than what they are shown now on the media.

– Rumours have been rife for more than 2 years,  that each European state is taking certain type, sect, or ethnic group of Syrians, to deepen sectarian divisions. I remember that Cyprus was accepting Syrian Orthodox Christians refugees, while other states were accepting Protestants, Catholics,…etc. Syrian Circassians were asking to take refuge in Russia but Russia offered to support them to stay in their lands. Syrian Armenians were immigrating to Armenia. That wasn’t the same for Muslim sects. Iran and Hezbollah for example, are supporting the Shi’a community to stay in their land and to defend it. It was so obvious to me when Da’esh attacked the Assyrians and ancient Christians in northern Iraq, and kicked them out of their homes and towns, France offered them to come right away to its land, as if Da’esh and the French government were working together to cleanse the Levant and the Middle East from its original authentic nations to replace them with all the international trash militias they brought from overseas. Each time a Christian village or town is attacked in Syria, France or other European state offers them safe haven outside of Syria. This successfully scatters the Syrian people around the globe.

– there is an argument about what European states had to do: If they helped the poor Syrian (or other) refugees of seniors, women and children, we say over here that they are cleansing our communities and nation in a systematic pattern. However if Europeans didn’t do anything for the Syrians, we will say over here that “No one is helping or giving a hand or offering us a visa as refugees in their states”. Part of that type of problematic thinking is because of the dominating ideas of “conspiracy theories” over here. Long history of fooling the Arabs made them so suspicious about everything, sometimes not a healthy one. I think that supporting people to stay in their lands and to defend themselves instead of simply helping them to leave, might be one of the answers of that ongoing argument.

2 thoughts on “A Syrian view of the refugee “crisis”

  1. I am from Norway. I have been living in your beautiful country with its the beautiful people . I was living in Damascus, the most safe city on earth. What I witness now is horrific. How the Norwegian government together with Obama; Hollande;Cameron and the rest are using this refugee nightmare as yet another pretex to invade Syria. What I am doing is to tell everyone to be aware of the consequences of the sanctions the west has put upon the people of Syria.I try to influence journalists and politicians and everyone else in Norway to work to repeal these disastrous sanctions the West has caused Syria. Sanctions which makes it impossible to live in Syria. I have created a special facebook page where I post articles about the war. : CANCEL sanctions – STOP THE WAR

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